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Format: CD
Catalog: SBC016 Speedball Company
Misc.: Broadcast + LP/CD, ADD, S.I.A.E, STEREO
Produced: Made In Italy, (P) 1991
Date: 900630
Cover: A drawing of a 'gnome' (?), sitting with a fish in his hand beside a stream, and there is a waterfall in the background. Pink Floyd written at top, inside some kind of a shield, with a pig in the middle. Title at botton. Backcover has tracklist and a promo picture of Floyd from 87, plus line up. Four side booklet which has notting more than the backcover.
Sources: 30 Jun 1990, Knebworth, Hertfordshire.
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      1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond        10:55
      2. The Great Gig In the Sky           4:44   5:50*
      3. Wish You Were Here                 5:35
      4. Sorrow                             9:34
      5. Money                              9:50
      6. Comfortably Numb                   8:45
      8. Run Like Hell                      6:59
                               Total time  56:40*

      David Gilmour  Guitar, Vocals
      Nick Mason     Drums
      Rick Wright    Keyboards

      Guy Pratt      Bass           Durga McBroom  Backing Vocals
      John Carin     Keyboards      Sam Brown      Backing Vocals
      Tim Renwick    Guitar         Vicky Brown    Backing Vocals
      Gary Wallis    Percussion     Claire Torry   Backing Vocals
      Candy Dulfer   Saxophone

Xref: The Knebworth Concert (CD) Track 5,6 and 7: Delicate Sound Of Thunder (2CD)
  • Sup- -TOR
Comments: First a *WARNING*, it is only the first four tracks that are from the Knebworth concert, the rest (5,6 & 7) is taken from DSoT. They are trying to trick you to belive it's from Knebworth by putting in the speaking betweene track 6 and 7 as it was on the concert. This is FRAUD. But the tracks that are from the concert is quite good, it has some minor radio interferences, but it's not much. TGGITS has Claire Torry (who sang it on DSotM) singing it. Times are slightly off. This one should be avoided. -TOR

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