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Format: 2CD (slimline)
Catalog: MPH 016/2 Microphone Records
Misc.: Audience Recording
Produced: Italy 1994 (has SIAE stamp)
Date: 770315
Cover: Front of booklet: "King Kong" holding a pink pig atop the Battersea power station. "Pink Floyd knobs" in upper left corner. Back of booklet & case: continuation of cover art, with track listing and band member names. Inside booklet: B & W grainy "contrast" picture of DG on left, and list of other Microphone Records catalog titles on right (no other Floyd :-( ).
Sources: 15 Mar 1977, Live at Wembley Pool, Wembley, London.
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      Disc 1:
       1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 1-5)  12:55
       2. Welcome To The Machine                   6:37
       3. Have A Cigar                             5:20
       4. Wish You Were Here                       5:40
       5. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 6-9)  17:45
       6. Money                                    9:34

      Disc 2:
       1. Sheep                                   11:06
       2. Pigs On The Wing (Part1)                 1:54
       3. Dogs                                    17:16
       4. Pigs (3 Different Ones)                 14:30
       5. Pigs On The Wing (Part2)                 2:18
       6. Us And Them                              7:53

      Roger Waters*
      David Gilmour*
      Rick Wright*
      Nick Mason*
      Snowy White*
      Dick Parry*

Xref: Knobs (ROIO-LP)
  • VG- -STU
Comments: A thin and distant audience recording, it sounds like the CD was mastered from the LP of the same name. "Skips" occurs during SOYCD pt 6-9. Not as good quality as the "Caught in the Crossfire" ROIO, but the singing is in tune. The crowd is relatively quiet near the taper, so there is very little "alright!" or "cool man, look at the pig!" intruding. The sound varies, getting quite muffled at times. CD1 sounds better than CD2. Equalization will fill out the sound more, but also reveals pops & hisses. I _think_ Roger screams out "twenty-one" just before the guitar solo in Pigs (three diff. ones). -STU

This is really a pretty poor sounding CD. Obviously taken from vinyl, it has some of the static a cheaper vinyl player will have. There is hardly any crowd noise, but the recording is sometimes very muffled, as if the recorder had to hide the tape recorder whenever a security guard came around. Other than that (and the obvious distance between the band and the recorder), the fault lies mainly in Microphone Records for doing such a terrible job transferring this to CD. Stick to NY and Oakland; only for the desperate or the die-hards. -ANON

The sound quality is poor as is the performance (in comparison to the 1 May 1977 and 9 May 197 shows I've got) but the solo at the end of Pigs on the Wing II is by far the best I've heard. Too bad! (I'm keepin' my copy, though!) -ECM

I disagree with Evan here. the sound quality is not great, but it is listenable. I think that the rating in our database (VG-) is ok. -PATRICK

An excellent concert of the '77 tour. It's a pity that the analog source has not been improved, because there is a lot of hiss and some tracks are hard to listen to (in particular 'Us and Them' and 'Money'). Roger Waters' vocals are badly distinguishable, but this problem is present in many concerts of the same period. Since I like this tour performances, I do not regret the purchase, but you look before you leap. -PELLE

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