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Format: CD
Catalog: A.139.100 Aulica
Misc.: Original Package * Limited Edition
Produced: 1992 ADD Made In Italy by Abraxas
Date: 690917
Cover: The primary element of the cover is a psychedelic computer generated pattern which looks something like the scales of a fish. Basically, they look like triangular bubbles. The CD itself is covered by this pattern with the song titles and manufacturer's info written in the middle. The CD comes with a little card which has a cirle on it. The circle (same size as the CD) contains the scale pattern as well. The card has the song titles, lengths, and authos written on it. (as well as the manufacturer's information). The CD and the card fit into an inner sleeve. The inner sleeve (much like a record's sleeve) has a front and back face. One face is covered with the scale design with the song titles written over it. The other side has the scale image (high magnification) over the edges with a circle in the middle and the scale image in the circle (low magnification). On the lower portion of this side is the name "Landscape" and the band's name. The inner sleeve fits into a fold-out cardboard outer sleeve. On the inside of this outer sleeve is a series of black and white (everything up to this point has been in black and white) photos of the band in action (circa 1972). Also, the song titles, lengths, and authors are listed along with the manufacturer's information. On the outside of the outer sleeve, we see the scale pattern again (for the first time in color). The PF live photos from the inside reappear, but in color. All the above info (song titles, manufacturer's info, and other stuff) is all listed again.
Sources: 17 Sep 1969, Amsterdam Concertgebouw.
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      1. Grantchester Meadows 
      2. Biding My Time 
      3. The Grand Vizier's Garden Party 
      4. Cymbaline 
      5. Green Is The Colour 
      6. Careful With That Axe Eugene 
      7. The Narrow Way 
      8. A Saucerful Of Secrets 

      Roger Waters 
      Rick Wright 
      Nick Mason
      David Gilmour

Xref: Amsterdam '69, The Last Gadgets Of Oxyminus, The Man & The Journey, 8th RD From The Moon.
  • Ex -SCOTT
Comments: I'm completely impressed. Unlike the "Amsterdam '69" disc, this RoIO actually contains the whole 17 Sep 69 concert! The quality of the recording is quite good. It's been cleaned up in a studio somewhere, that much is obvious, but I think they probably started with a pretty good tape as well. I'd say that it's one of my very best sounding RoIO's!

I really like the version of "A Saucerful Of Secrets". It's really great to finally hear the whole concert. I've owned "Amsterdam '69" for many months now and have always hated the fact that it ends prematurely. -SCOTT

This CD doesn't actually contain the entire 17 Sep 69 concert; it is still lacking by a little under 6 mins. In both completeness and sound quality it falls squarely between "Amsterdam '69" and "The Man & The Journey". - THE HEDONIST

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