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Format: CD
Catalog: TSP-CD-027 The Swingin' Pig
Misc.: BBC Broadcast, GEMA
Produced: (P) 1989, Made In W. Germany
Date: 700916
Matrix: Disc 1: INTERPRESS TSP-CD-027 112 9368
Cover: Front: Nice live picture of David. PINK FLOYD written at the top and the title at the bottom. Four page booklet with another live picture of Pink Floyd.
Sources: 16 Sep 1970, Recorded live at the Playhouse Theatre, London
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       1. Embryo                          10:15
       2. Green Is The Colour              3:23
       3. Careful With That Axe, Eugene    7:50
       4. If                               4:28
       5. Atom Heart Mother               24:49
          Total:                          50:49

      Roger Waters*
      David Gilmour*
      Rick Wright*
      Nick Mason*

  • Sup -HERWIG
  • Sup -TOR
Comments: BBC broadcast.

A brilliant CD. The best sounding record of the '70 BBC session. Carefully remastered with NoNoise to eliminate any noise from the underlying vinyl source. Only a 10-second drop-out of one stereo channel on 'Careful..' reminds you that this is no official release. Even if you are not a friend of roio's you must have heard this version of 'Embryo' at least once ... or you are not a Floyd fan! -HERWIG

They don't get any better than this. This one and 'One Of These Days' (also TSP) is the ones to have from the BBC sesions in 70-71. Only thing is a couple of small errors on track 3, but that doesn't drag down the overall impression of this CD. Times are from CD timer. Highly recomended. -TOR

This is, no doubt, the best version of Embryo. It also includes a very good combination of Green is the Colour and Careful with... . Have you maybe heard a Radio voice which says "Careful with that axe Eugene, classic Pink Floyd recorded in the Summer of 1970. Just a year... . Well, that's not included in this recording. 105% recommendable.

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