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Format: CD
Catalog: WORK 5525/2 Men At Work
Misc.:<no info>
Produced:<no info>
Date: 700916
Cover: Special LP-sized foldout cover. Front: black with a golden pig on the center. "Pink Floyd" is written in black on a golden ring around the pig. "Libest Spacement Monitor" is written on the bottom. Back: some photographs and a long text from the Miles book Inner sides: a pig is unfolded when opening. The CD features a photograph of the Time film from the Miles book. The CD is located on the bottom left
Sources: 16 Sep 1970, Recorded live at the Playhouse Theatre, London
Hires-coverscans: <no info>
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       1. Embryo                          10:15
       2. Green Is The Colour              3:23
       3. Careful With That Axe, Eugene    7:50
       4. If                               4:28
       5. Atom Heart Mother               24:49
          Total:                          50:49

      Roger Waters 
      Rick Wright 
      Nick Mason
      David Gilmour

  • Sup -PATRICK
Comments: This is exaclty the same recording as the cross references with a beautiful collector package -PATRICK

I ve got one too. Mine is professionally packaged on LP format, black with golden inscription in a circle in the middle. Inside this black package, there s a real LP like thing and when you open it, the pig practically jumps into your face. Very scary, very tricky. The CD is in the left lower corner and contains a picture of the well-known clocks from the Time intro. - Steven

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