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Format: 2CD
Catalog: KTS 294/95 Kiss The Stone
Misc.: SIAE, audience, slim double jewel case, picture discs.
Produced: Italy, 1994, DDD.
Date: 940330
Cover: INSERT: Folded montage of stage photos with brief, but very sycophantic, commentary. Front of insert consists of graphic design with two stylised faces and the words: "Pink Floyd" and "The Live Bell". TRAY LINER: Stage photos inside and out, with the latter overlain by the playlist. CDs: Picture discs. CD1 has wide-angle stage shot with Dave seated at the pedal steel; CD2 has close up of Dave, again at the pedal steel.
Sources: 30 Mar 1994, Joe Robbie Stadium, Miami, FL.
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      Disc 1:
       1. Astronomy Domine                      4:01
       2. Learning To Fly                       5:14
       3. What Do You Want From Me              4:17
       4. Take It Back                          6:11
       5. Lost For Words                        6:09
       6. Sorrow                                9:48
       7. A Great Day For Freedom               5:00
       8. Keep Talking                          6:57
       9. One Of These Days                     6:09
      10. Shine On You Crazy Diamond I-V       11:31
      11. Breathe                               2:51
      12. Time/Breathe Reprise                  7:04

      Disc 2:
       1. High Hopes                            8:17
       2. Wish You Were Here                    6:17
       3. Another Brick In The Wall II          6:27
       4. The Great Gig In The Sky              4:47
       5. Us And Them                           7:58
       6. Money                                 8:56
       7. Comfortably Numb                      8:52
       8. Hey You                               4:37
       9. Run Like Hell                         7:25
      10. Astronomy Domine I   *                4:03
      11. Astronomy Domine II  *                5:17

      David Gilmour  Guitars, vocals
      Nick Mason     Drums
      Rick Wright    Keyboards, vocals

      Guy Pratt    Bass/vocals        Durga McBroom     Backing vocals
      Jon Carin    Keyboards/vocals   Sam Brown         Backing vocals
      Tim Renwick  Guitars            Claudia Fontaine  Backing vocals
      Gary Wallis  Percussion         Dick Parry        Saxophones

Comments: The bonus tracks (*) are taken from the soundcheck, hence none of the crowd noise evident throughout the concert proper. The disk ends with a few words as Dave asks what should be done next.

Dave's voice very hoarse-sounding at times. Soundcheck material sounds "closer".

Sound tends to "swell" and fade periodically.

It seems that the "swelling and fading" I described has more to do with sporadic stereo imbalance than anything (probably our intrepid hero was too close to one of the stacks). Other than that the sound is great and it's only the problem I've just discussed which discourages me from giving it an EX+. -THE HEDONIST

The second soundcheck version of "Astronomy Domine" has an extremely funny ending. Gilmour says a few, shall we say, "choice" words. It sounds like they're having some fun in their soundchecks, anyways...

I'd rate TLB as a very good audience recording. The quality varies throughout, as folks walk in front of the mikes and the person recording the event shifts positions. There is more sound in the right stereo channel than the left, which can be somewhat annoying. But it is a fun "snapshot" of the tour. I noticed a few playing errors on the part of the Floyd, most notably in "High Hopes". But it was a great purchase... -RUDI

"The Live Bell" is 5 or 6 on the inspired and improvisational factor, but still a good show. Excellent digital fidelity (DDD) and stereo separation. However, this one has numerous (mostly minor, but still there) ROIO flaws of the usual sorts, such as one channel dropping its volume level a little occasionally, and a few other flaws (the major flaw in this one has been described by someone on the Digest as a "30 second repeat-loop" in the first minute or so of "High Hopes", which is then followed by a major drop in volume and fidelity which lasts for about 2 or 3 seconds. The standard show (no DSoTM set). First show of the tour, Miami 30 Mar 94. If it's the only one you can find, then it will please you enormously. -ECHOES

Considering this was the first show of the 1994 tour, I'm was extremely impressed with the overall quality of the show. This is the standard US tour set -- no DSoTM set -- that can be found on other similar RoIOs from the 1994 tour. This RoIO is fairly easy to obtain and I would recommend it, just for the soundcheck and the fact it was the first show for the tour. - ABDABS

This is a very good recording of a good show (but first buy the PULSE album). The song versions are very similar to those on PULSE (except for Shine On, which is only parts I-V). Gilmour forgets lyrics on High Hopes, then the ringing of the Division Bell begins twice. Recommended. - FERNANDO

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