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Format: CD
Catalog: Pigs On The Wing
Misc.: Pretty package
Produced: 1998
Date: 720313
Matrix: Disc: 1 PFS 31372
Cover: Front: At the top is a red "rising sun" graphic as on the Japanese flag, set against a pale green cloudy sky, with a purple pyramid in the foreground. The green title Live in Japan 1972 is above the name Pink Floyd in large white letters. The bottom half is like an upside-down reflection of the top, but it has a purple title Dark Side of the Rising Sun, a golden pyramid, a purple sky, and a red crescent moon. The lid insert is nicely printed on glossy card stock, folded once. The two-page spread inside is a pretty collage of '70s photos of Waters and Gilmour, with smaller photos of a band publicity photo and a concert photo showing the band below the round screen. The last page of the lid insert has a black background with a green tinted Tour '72 poster (from London) showing the backs of the band members and listing the January and February concerts. Discs: The CD itself is navy blue with "The Great Gig In The Sky" repeated in a circle around the center. Inside the circle is "3.13.72".
Sources: 13 Mar 1972, Nakajima Sports Center, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan
Hires-coverscans: live_japan_72.back.2.jpg
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      Disc: 1
       1. Speak To Me & Breathe & On The Run (jam)            10:48 
       2. Time (intro?)                                       0:20 
       3. Time & Breathe (Reprise)                            6:55 
       4. Great Gig In The Sky (preachers)                    2:18 
       5. Great Gig In The Sky (organ) & Money (start)        2:19 
       6. Money (FX loop)                                     0:07 
       7. Money & Us and Them (start)                         7:08 
       8. Us and Them & Any Colour You Like                   11:42 
       9. Brain Damage & Eclipse                              4:51 
      10. One Of These Days                                   8:34 
      11. Careful With That Axe, Eugene                       12:24 

      Roger Waters 
      Nick Mason 
      David Gilmour 
      Rick Wright 

  • VG+ -OWL
  • 7+ -Z-MAN
  • Ex- -JAY-C
Comments: The jewel box has a clear tray. The inside tray insert copies the theme of the inside gatefold of DSotM, black background crossed by multicolored lines and "heartbeat". Along the front spine near the lid hinge, the clear tray shows a smaller set of lines and spiky heartbeat. The rear art is similar, with a small DSotM prism and light beams crossing a black background. The (incorrect) venue and track info is green and white on a black background.

Tracks are listed as best as I can for our format. Needless to say they are a mess! -DAve.

Inaccurate track list and track divisions. Atom Heart Mother is falsely advertised (but smart buyers will notice the tracklist is too long to fit on one disc). Some hiss is evident, but compared to other early audience tapes, this one would rate an EX+

It seems to be a clone of the Xref roio, with the same crazy track changes. They don't hurt so much on a DSotM suite, which is usually played straight through, but the *ONLY* proper track change on this disc is the final one. Perhaps the intention was to inhibit CDR copying with track-at-once software, which inserts two seconds of silence at track changes. Some other roios of this show have no track changes at all in the DSotM suite, which is less desirable (except when making TAO CDR copies). The art is well above average. It's very pleasant to listen to, with excellent stereo and reasonably good tonal balance for a roio. Exceptionally quiet audience. The jam version of On The Run is wonderful, though Time became a better song by the time the band recorded it. There are hints of ASoS in the beginning of GGitS. The song Brain Damage is missing the second verse, but the edit is very clean, nearly inaudible. One Of These Days has more of the influence of the Dr. Who TV music than other versions I've heard. Careful With That Axe from this show is one of my favorite performances, with Roger's screaming quieter and more relaxed than usual. If you want a good-sounding early DSotM show, here it is. -OWL

This is a curious RoIO. It appears to be a mass-produced CD, not an CD-R, although the disc IS gold. The CD itself appears to have been painted/printed (not labeled) although that printing reads "The Great Gig in the Sky", not "Dark Side of the Rising Sun. It is apparently from a 1972 concert in Japan; the printed jewel box liner says March 3, 1972 although the CD itself is labeled March 13, 1972. The recording is one of the earlier performances of DSoTM wherein "On the Run" was more of a funky guitar jam; where there were no female vocals during "Great Gig" but rather a multitude of sound effects/conversation tapes played, including "The Lord's Prayer"; and where Gilmour and Wright sang a duet during "Time" that included a sort-of "forced" little harmony trill at the end of each stanza - something that was eventually discarded (a wise move) in later performances. "Time" also employs the uncharacteristically stilted "lying supine" lyric.

Another interesting note - "Money" includes a fuzz-tone piano solo. Also included are fairly standard performances of "One of These Days" as well as "Careful with that Axe, Eugene." "Atom Heart Mother" is also listed as a track on the outside cover, but, sadly, the song does not appear on the disc.

Audio quality is quite good, I'd give it a 7+. I would label this one a "must-have." -Z-MAN

My copy of this CD has the same 'Great Gig In The Sky' label, but the disc is the usual silver, and not gold. As far as the sound quality goes, there is tape hiss noticeably present throughout, but it doesn't detract from the music at all, especially considering the age of the recording. The music sounds very crisp, as if the recorder were very close to the action. I'd rate it an Ex-, or on a scale of ten, I'd give it an 8, the only detractor being the slight tape hiss. Don't let that keep you from buying it though, if you see it, it is a definite must have. -JAY-C

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