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Format: CD
Catalog: BGCD 018 Crocodile
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Date: 680731
Cover: Strange artwork, title written in a light field on the top of front cover. The front cover of the CD says: (in BIG letters) the live PINK FLOYD (subtitle) fantasio club amsterdam september 1, 1968 and a vertical (small) text: "it was more than 20 years ago" The back-cover contains track and band info The inside contains a picture of various LP-RoIO's: "Before time began", "studio outtakes", "live at pompeii" (picture disc), "interstellar overdrive" (10"), "rome 20-6-1971", and others
Sources: 31 Jul 1968. Disc says Sept 1 '68 Recorded at the Fantasio Club in Amsterdam The September 1 1968 concert actually took place on 31 July 1968. -SCOTT
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      1. Keep Smiling People          10:47
      2. Flaming                       5:05
      3. Let There Be More Light       7:27
      4. Interstellar Overdrive       11:14

      Roger Waters
      David Gilmour
      Rick Wright
      Nick Mason

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  • Poor quality, muffled sound and too much noise -TAP (#50)
  • G mono!! -PIET (ever enjoyed I.O. in mono ????)
Comments: Keep Smiling People is Careful With That Axe, Eugene, and Interstellar Overdrive is close to the original Piper version; in fact, the most interesting thing is to hear Roger instruct one of the crew to "Turn off the spotlight" just before Let There Be More Light! Although historically interesting, this isn't really worth the money you would likely have to spend. EDS' NOTE: The Sept. 1 date is unconfirmed, as the Floyd appear to have played the Fantasio in both the spring and fall of 1968. -TAP (#50)

Back-cover: "Thanks to Marco Tennyson" There is a kinda stamp in Italian and English: "We appologize for the non-exellent quality of the recording, which has been realized with sixties' amateur equipment." -PIET

I really didn't like this RoIO. Very bad sound quality, and some not so interesting songs. Avoid it. -TOR

This is an incomplete and inferior copy of this show. Do not spend money on this cd instead try and get the two complete shows that make up this cd on tape. The shows on tape sound much better albeit slightly more distant. Right now their are no complete shows of this material on cd however. But I feel it would be wise to search out the two complete shows for a better over all enjoyment of this material. - MAD

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