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Format: CD
Catalog: JOK-013-A Joker Productions
Misc.: Made in Australia.
Produced: 1993
Date: 720313
Matrix: Disc 1: JOK-013-A -239-
Cover: Blue writing on black background or Blue writing on white background "PINK FLOYD LIVE VOL 1". No Photo. New Cover: A concert stage is shown probably in the early 70's as they all have long hair and look young. Dave is on the left of the picture, Nick at the back in the centre with Roger in front. Rick is surrounded by his keyboards and synths. Pink Floyd is written in a stylish blue at the top, and "LIVE VOL 1 - Nakajima Sports Centre, Hokkaido, Japan 13 Feb 1972" written at the bottom of the photo in blue.
Sources: 13 Mar 1972, Nagazhima Sports Center, Sapporo, Hokkaido Island, Japan - Most likely No source or recording date given on CD or cover. Catalogue says Nakajima Sports Centre, 13 Feb 1972.
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      1. Speak To Me                     46:41
         On The Run
         Great Gig In The Sky
         Us And Them
         Any Colour You Like
         Brain Damage
      2. One Of These Days                8:42
      3. Careful With That Axe Eugene    12:11

      Roger Waters
      Rick Wright
      Nick Mason
      David Gilmour

Xref: Cold Front, Horizons, Think Pink, Speak to Me, Live in Hokkaido
  • VG -DAve.
Comments: The quality of it is rather good. -ANON

No track times given on CD. It was probably mastered from another roio CD (Think Pink was produced in Australia!). On The Run is the "jam" version and the preacher tape is used in GGITS. The DSOTM tracks are indexed as one track (cf Think Pink, Cold Front and Horizons) and you can hear japanese being spoken by the audience, this suggests that the recording is of the 13/3/72 concert in Hokkaido, Japan. Audience recording of good/reasonable quality. -KYM

At 33:46 in track 1 (Dark Side in its entirety) in Us & Them, there is a sharp noise (<"bink">). Amazing CD, though. Very consistant sound quality. -ANON

The way that they were legally possible to sell was the "Unathourised" statement on the cover. Unfortunately that has been changed.

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