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Format: CD
Catalog: JOK-033-A Joker Productions
Misc.: Made in Australia.
Produced: 1993
Date: 871107
Matrix: Disc 1: 215115 R0B (TR 55)
Cover: Blue writing on black background or Blue writing on white background "ROGER WATERS LIVE VOL 1". No Photo. New Cover: Has a photo of Roger Waters from his DSOTM days playing bass in concert.
Sources: 07 Nov 1987, Quebec? Catalogue says Quebec 22 May 1987.
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       1. Radio Waves                            5:16
       2. Welcome to the Machine                 7:22
       3. Money                                  5:14
       4. In the Flesh                           3:39
       5. Have a Cigar                           3:19
       6. Pigs                                   3:43
       7. Wish You Were Here                     5:25
       8. Mother                                 7:13
       9. Get your Filthy Hands off my Desert/   3:38
          Southampton Dock
      10. If                                     3:52
      11. Powers that be                         4:12
      12. Breathe                                3:37
      13. Brain Damage                           6:53
      14. Another Brick in the Wall Pt 1        10:18
          Happiest Days of our lives
          Another Brick in the Wall Pt 2
          Total:                                73:53

      Roger Waters

  • Sup+ -KYM
Comments: The quality of this roio is amazing. Note that the last five tracks are a "medley" version and on the cover the last three tracks are simply listed as ABITW. As with 'Roger Waters and Bleeding Heart Band' the show seems incomplete, but "Final Cut" is correctly identified as "Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert /Southampton Docks". A must for Roger fans and those that appreciate excellence in live recordings. -KYM

An absolutely superb recording with some interesting arrangements of some old PF classics. The track listing on the back of CD is wrong. The correct listing is that above. The cover on my copy of the CD is different to that of KYM's but is the same CD. -MARK

The way that they were legally possible to sell was the "Unathourised" statement on the cover. Unfortunately that has been changed.

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