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Format: 1 + 1 CD
Catalog: CD TDM 03, CD TDM 04
Misc.: Audience recording, SIAE
Produced: (C) + (P) 1991 T.D.M. - Made in E.E.C.
Date: 810617
Cover: Strange artwork with a lot of small ping-pong ball's around two sticks crossing each other. Small yellow rectangles with song titles on, spread around in kind of a circle. PINK FLOYD and title in a white rectangle at top. Pink Floyd written in blue on the first (Livewall 1) and red on the second (Livewall 2). No booklet, just one sheet insert with someting in Italian on the back. At the back-cover, track list and source.
Sources: 17 Jun 1981, Earls Court London U.K. (Disc says 1980) Wednesday 17th June 1981 - BD#27
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      Disc 1
       1. In The Flesh                              5:50
       2. The Thin Ice                              2:48
       3. Another Brick In The Wall (Part one)      4:57
       4. The Happiest Days Of Our Lives            1:22
       5. Another Brick In The Wall (Part two)      6:27
       6. Mother                                    8:34
       7. Goodbye Blue Sky                          4:08
       8. What Shall We Do Now                      4:46
       9. Young Lust                                5:31
      10. One Of My Turns                           4:10
      11. Don't Leave Me Now (Part one)             3:06
      12. Don't Leave Me Now (Part two)             1:11
      13. Another Brick In The Wall (Part three)    6:08
                                       Total time  59:08*
      Disc 2
       1. Goodbye Cruel World                       1:00
       2. Hey You                                   5:03
       3. Is There Anybody Out There                3:14
       4. Nobody Home                               3:41
       5. Vera                                      2:04
       6. Bring The Boys Back Home                  1:23
       7. Comfortably Numb                          7:21
       8. The Show Must Go On                       2:45
       9. In The Flesh                              8:50
      10. Run Like Hell                             8:00
      11. Waiting For The Worms                     4:47
      12. The Trial                                 6:56
      13. Outside The Wall                          2:53
                                       Total time  58:13*

      Roger Waters*
      David Gilmour*
      Rick Wright*
      Nick Mason*

      Andy Bown (bass)*
      Snowy White (guitar)*
      Willie Wilson (drums)*
      Peter Wood (keyboards)*

Xref: Livewall (GSCD 2100) Wallive (Seagull Records 016)
  • VG+ -TOR
Comments: Audience recoring. Sounds like it have been mastered from vinyl, but the sound is quite good. Before Young Lust Roger says: Thank you! Good evening! Welcome! Well at least Neil Diamond's not here tonight, that's something isn't it?. This is called "Young Lust" Sorry Neil, only joking! And before Run Like Hell he says: Welcome! Are we gonna have a good time? Does anyone here like pigs? This is for all the weak people in the audience. Is there anyone here who's weak? This is for you, it's called "Run Like Hell." Let's all of us clap! It has exactly the same quality and are identical with the two mentioned in Xref. -TOR

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