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Format: 2CD
Catalog: DTD 007 Double - Time Discs
Misc.:<no info>
Produced:<no info>
Date: 68
Cover:<no info>
Sources: 1968- 1969 Live in concert
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      Disc:  1
       1. Green Is The Color/Eugene                           10:46 
       2. Crumbling Land                                       6:11 
       3. The Narrow Way                                       7:00 
       4. Point Me At The Sky                                  4:30 
       5. A Saucerful of Secrets                               6:59 
       6. Let There Be More Light                              3:46 
       7. Murderistic Woman                                    2:18 
       8. Oneone/Fingal's Cave                                 8:17 

      Disc:  2
       1. Granchester Meadows                                  7:05 
       2. Biding My Time                                       4:47 
       3. The Grand Vizier...                                  1:14 
       4. Cymbaline                                           12:12 
       5. Labyrinth                                            2:59 
       6. Green Is The Colour                                  3:12 
       7. Eugene                                               2:50 
       8. Saucerful                                            6:45 
       9. The Narrow Way                                       4:16 
      10. Green Is The Colour                                  6:17 

      Roger Waters*
      David Gilmour*
      Rick Wright*
      Nick Mason*

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Comments: The cover lists Green Is The Colour and Careful With That Axe, Eugene as separate tracks. The cover lists Granchester Meadows as "Several Species..."

Disc 2 is a large part of "The Man" and "The Journey," two concept pieces that Floyd put together out of their existing material. "The Man" starts with "Granchester Meadows," which could very well be "Several Species, Part 1," and continues through to "Cymbaline." "The Journey," as performed at Royal Albert Hall, started with "Green is the Colour," followed by "Eugene," "The Narrow Way," "Pow R Toc H," an instrumental bit, and ended with the "Celistial Voices" part of "ASOS." The instrumental bit sounds a lot like a track called "Labyrinth" that I have on a vinyl roio. Not having this disc, however, makes it a bit more difficult for me to say exactly what it is...;-) -ANON

Disc 1 opens with "Green" and "Eugene" on a single track, not two seperate tracks as listed on the cover. These, I assume, are from the July 1969 BBC recordings. Track 2 is "Crumbling," taken from the Rome, 1969 session, I imagine. 3 is NOT "The Narrow Way." It's an instrumental that I can't identify (from the "...Point" soundtrack?). I'm sure most long-time ROIO folks would know it. 4 is "Point Me...," from the Top Gear session. 5 is "Saucerful," 6 is "Let There," 7 is "Murderistic." No origin info on these. 8 is "Oneone/Fingal's," taken from June 1969 session.

Disc 2 opens with an announcement (in Dutch). The announcer confirms that this is the 17 Sept 1969 Concertgebouw show in Amsterdam and finishes by saying "Granchester Meadows." (Which Double-Time then listed as "...Pict.") The sound is pretty terrifying -- sounds like a broadcast from a passing spaceship. I am a novice collector, so maybe this a famous broadcast and the quality is well known. If not, get a better copy. Tracks 2 and 3 are continuous with applause in the middle. (3, of course, is a bit of Inna-gadda-Nick-Mason.) 3 fades, 4 begins with announcement (in Dutch). The announcer calls the song "Sleep." Lots of funky effects. Becomes "Cymbaline," ends with fade. 5 is "Labyrinth" from the same show, ends with announcement in Dutch. 6 opens with announcement in Dutch of "Green" and "Eugene" (track 7, which fades out during the climactic bit). 8 is another version of "Saucerful." (Don't know origin.) "The Narrow Way" is track 9. (No source info.) Ends with wind noise which carries into another version of "Green."

Overall, not bad. Not great either. (Unless there are no better sounding versions of these tunes, in which case it's a good bargain.) - HEPKATS.

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