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Format: CD
Catalog: DIYE 16
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Date: 650515
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Sources: 15 May 1965, 31 October 1966, 24 February 1970 Tracks 1-5: 24 February 1970, BBC Tracks 6-10: 31 October 1966, Thompson's Private Recording Company Tracks 11,12 (?) as The Screaming Abdabs, 15 May 1965 Tracks 13-20: various studio outtakes.
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       1. Gigolo Aunt
       2. Terrapin
       3. Baby Lemonade
       4. Effervescing Elephant
       5. Two of a Kind
       6. Rat Race
       7. Interstellar Overdrive
       8. Interstellar Overdrive
       9. Interstellar Overdrive
      10. Interstellar Overdrive
      11. Lucy Leave
      12. King Bee
      13. Dominoes
      14. Milky Way
      15. Swan Lee
      16. Word Song
      17. Birdie Hop
      18. Long Gone
      19. Dark Globe
      20. Madcap's Embrace

      Syd Barrett

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Comments: Sound quality is remarkably good on tracks 1-12, especially for recordings of that era. Tracks 1-5 also appear on official releases of the John Peel sessions. The first two Interstellar Overdrive tracks are short studio takes of the intro; the third is an extended 16:46 version; the fourth is a short 2:40 version. Rat Race, at over 11 minutes, is an excellent track. The sound quality on tracks 13-20 is not quite as good as the rest of the CD. This CD is highly recommended for any Syd freak or Floydologist. A must have! -ECM

If you are a Syd-o-phile, then yes, you'll want to buy it. Otherwise, it would probably be best to leave it sit on the shelf (or in the bin).

This CD more or less has 3 distinct portions. 1) The Peel Sessions - these are the exact same takes that have appeared on the RoLO of the same name. On LL & OR the quality is remarkable for these tracks. It would seem that the legal product was used as the master.

Portion 2) Tonight Let's All Make Love In London Soundtrack - Although named Rat Race, the first track of this portion is really Nick's Boogie. Following this track are 4 different versions of Interstellar Overdrive. The first two appear on the official TLAMLIL soundtrack CD named "Interstellar Overdrive (reprise 1 & 2)" The 3rd IO is the extended version that appears on the TLAMLIL soundtrack CD for the first time (the 16 minute version). The 4th IO is the version of the song that appeared on the original vinyl version of the TLAMLIL that was released following the movie. It's about 3 minutes in length. The quality of these recordings varies somewhat. There is more tape hiss than I'd expect if they'd used the official CD as a master for these tracks. However, I don't hear any pops or crackles to indicate a vinyl source. The short version of IO (3 minute version) is slightly worse quality than the other 3, but they're pretty close.

Portion 3) Outtakes - The quality here varies immensely. The versions of Lucy Leave and King Bee that appear here sound *exactly* like the versions on A Saucerful Of Outtakes. I'd go so far as to say that one of the two copied the other. There are several songs that appear here (ie: Word Song and Birdie Hop, possibly others) which have surfaced on Opel, but stupidly the copies presented on this disk weren't lifted from Opel. Instead, they chose some vinyl source. Also, a few of the songs (Dominoes and Milky Way especially) seem to be presented at the wrong speed! Anyone with facilities to produce a CD should have equipment enough to present their recordings at the proper speed. There's a *wonderful* version of Long Gone on this disk, but, stupidly, it is faded out before the end of the tune! I believe that the whole version appears on the vinyl RoIO "Vegetable Man". It really upset me to learn that it was mutilated for this CD. Swan Lee (or Untitled Instrumental #1 from Vegetable Man) is presented here in its entirety (unlike on A Saucerful of Outtakes, where they faded it out about half way through..) Damn good song.

If you are able to buy this disk (serial number DIYE 16) and Syd Barrett's Last Screams (DIYE 15), you'll be happy to notice there there is no repeated material. If you buy these as well as Syd's official albums, you'll have a pretty good overview of his career. -SCOTT

Recently, a copy of the RoIO Lucy Leave & Other Rarities was found containing music thought to be from the Glen Miller Orchestra, rather that the expected Syd Barrett. Otherwise, it was intact (with correct liner notes & picture of Syd on the disk.) -SCOTT

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