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Format: CDR
Catalog: Hip Cat
Misc.:<no info>
Produced: June 1998
Date: 700123
Matrix: Disc: 1
Cover: Back: track listing w/o track times; the background is a picture of Roger singing into one of those rectangular mics they used to use (if you have the Miles book, the same shot is found on the last page of the 1970 section, top picture). Book: Folded, made of standard paper stock; front is a picture of Roger w/ bass, facing camera and Rick, shirtless, sitting at the keyboard facing the left (if you have the Miles book, the same shot is found on the fourth page in the 1970 section). The rear of the insert is a negative of the cover shot )without the colour and having some special effect done to it) and has track listing w/o track times and venue location and date. There is also a note: "Tracks 6-9 comprise an abbreviated version of "The Man" suite."
Sources: 23 Jan 1970, Theatre des Champs-Elysees - Paris, France
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      Disc: 1
       1. Green Is The Colour                                 2:37 
       2. Careful With That Axe, Eugene                       6:02 
       3. Violent Sequence (piano section)                    4:21 
       4. Biding My Time                                      5:05 
       5. The Amazing Pudding                                 17:45 
       6. Daybreak                                            6:18 
       7. Work                                                1:25 
       8. Doing It                                            2:46 
       9. Sleeping                                            6:04 
      10. Main Theme                                          6:41 
          Total Time:                                         59:04 

      Roger Waters 
      Nick Mason 
      David Gilmour 
      Rick Wright 

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  • VG -Scott
Comments: Performance/Set List: VG-Excellent

It's about time this show has been released on cd. I believe this is the first cd release of this show. Previously released as the LP Water's Gate (not to be confused with the cd Water's Gate, from March 6, 1972), this CD release adds the songs Daybreak, Work, Doing It, Sleeping, and Main Theme! This performance was long considered to be the first performance of Atom Heart Mother (aka The Amazing Pudding). That honor, however, now belongs to January 17 or 18. This show is interesting for several reasons. First, it contains a very, very early performance of AHM (the fourth or so performance) and is the earliest recorded performance of AHM currently available on CD (though not for long). Second, it contains the rarely played Violent Sequence (in an abbreviated form) and Main Theme, which were performed only a handful of times. Third, it is one of the final performances of The Man. Though The Man and The Journey shows ended in September 1969, they periodically performed The Man through February 1970. Unfortunately, the sound quality of this cd is not very good, even accounting for the time period. I get an almost feedback-like effect coming from my speakers, which rapidly gets annoying. I found that listening in mono mode eliminates this odd effect, though you lose a lot of the vocals and guitars in the process. After repeated listening, I cannot determine which situation is worse. The overall result, though, is an roio that gives you limited enjoyment. I also noticed a whistle-type sound that becomes most noticeable on tracks 3 and 4. It is not as noticeable on the other tracks. I believe that the sound quality problem with this cd might be caused (or made worse) by an old source tape that is losing its sound quality. This CD is brought to us by the same crew that gave us Violence In Birmingham and Childhood's End, among others. All of their releases are geared towards the hard core Floyd fan, giving us shows that contain great performances, unique set lists, or shows from hard-to-find periods, all of which are not currently being released by any other source. This is admirable and I fully support them in their efforts. It is just unfortunate that the sound quality was not better. That said, even had I known about the poor sound quality, I would have probably still purchased it. I've wanted this show to be released on CD for a long time. However, for the average Floyd fan who is not as obsessed with the 1970-1971 shows as I am, you may want to skip this cd and instead go with Violence In Birmingham instead (Feb 11, 1970), though its sound quality was not that good either. It's unfortunate, since these are currently the only CD's from the January-February 1970 shows, which is a unique transition period for Floyd. They were trying out some new songs (Atom Heart Mother and Embryo), not all of which would remain in the set list for long (Main Theme, Sysyphus, and The Violent Sequence). If you enjoy having these unusual shows, early song performances, or checking out how a song evolves [such as AHM - which clearly shows evolution from this show, to Feb 11, to A Trick Of The Light (which is most likely from March 1970 or so, not Oct), to Black Glass] you will want this CD, even with the poor sound quality. A note on an exciting future release: the folks that issued this cd are going to release a 2cd of the January 18, 1970 Croydon show, which may currently be the first recorded performance of AHM and Embryo (though Embryo had a BBC studio performance in December 1968)!!! Hopefully, the Croydon cd will be of higher sound quality. -Scott

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