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Format: 2CD
Catalog: 2-9021 Oh Boy
Misc.: Audience recording, GEMA
Produced: (P) 1990 Disc De Luxe
Date: 710605
Cover: A picture of a poster promoting the Pink Floyd concert, hanging on the Berlin wall (I think) with lots of graffiti. The poster have 'THE PINK FLOYD' written in pink and shows the top of a head (with afro hair), where naked people are walking out of it. Four page booklet which includes the following text; M A U E R S P E C H T E After the success of their first German concerts in January 1971, the band returned to play at the Sports Palace in Berlin on the 5th of June. This was the first rock concert ever to be held at the Sports Palace in quadrophonic sound and the band incorporated their amazing psychedelic light show for the first time: A giant, cosmic spectacle which, if it didn't actually tear down the Berlin Wall, certainly helps to weaken it in places! P I N K F L O Y D Straight out of the studio, having just finished the "Meddle" album, the band was in great form, playing dynamic versions of "Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun","Embryo","Cymbaline" and "Fat Old Sun"". The climax of the concert was the fantastic version of "Echoes", topped-off with the classic "Pink Blues" as an encore. If you missed the concert - don't miss the recording!
Sources: 05 Jun 1971, Sportpalast, Berlin, Germany.
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      Disc 1 (East Disc)
       1. Careful With That Axe, Eugene                11:56
       2. Fat Old Sun                                  14:32
       3. The Embryo                                   10:04
       4. Echoes                                       23:01
                                          Total time   59:35
      Disc 2 (West Disc) (corrected*)
        1. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun   13:58
        2. Cymbaline                                   11:14
        3. A Saucerful Of Secrets                      18:53
        3. Astronomy Domine                             7:22
        5. Pink Blues                                   6:38
                                          Total time   58:07

      Roger Waters    Bass
      David Gilmour   Guitar, Vocals
      Rick Wright     Keyboards
      Nick Mason      Drums

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  • 8.5 (out of 10?) -OSO
  • G+ -HERWIG
  • G+ -TOR
  • VG+ -BD (#24)
Comments: CAUTION: Play Before Purchasing: Some have a defective disc 1 Astronomie Domine listed on cd but not included. A bit of audience noise in some of the quiet spots. Some tape hiss evident. -OSO

Echoes has 'the' different lyrics as stated in the FAQ -PIET

I don't like this record. The music sounds as if it is 'far away'. No stereo perspective and very qiet. -HERWIG

Track list on CD cover is not correct, it's the corrected one that is showed here. Some of the times are measured with the CD timer. Echoes has two extra verse at the start, that was only played a couple of times in 1971. Astronomie Domine *is* on the CD but not where it (according to the cover) should have been. Not a very good recording, it has distortion on the louder tracks, but is interesting in some parts. Only for hard collectors. -TOR

Live in Berlin on 5 June 1971. Thoughtful packaging accompanies this one - a booklet that reproduces the original concert poster and ticket stub! An interesting set but the tape source only scrapes a VG+. -BD (#24)

Of possible amusement to George Choksy and other quad-system listeners is that this recording apparently has a "problem" with phase shifting that will be audible to some people on some systems. On a matrix quad system it might provide an interesting swirling effect (that's my guess, anyway), like listening while riding a merry-go-round. Not recommended if you get sea-sick in a bathtub.

It is distant sounding and doesn't reproduce the stereo "stage" properly (recorded from off to the side?), and it shows that the large audiences talked (even yodeled) during the quiet parts (but not obnoxiously) even in those days. I like it a lot anyway! It has long beautiful jams. After fourteen minutes of "Fat Old Sun" I had a glow that could have been mistaken for a good suntan. :^) - ANON

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