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Format: 2CD
Catalog: FB0133 Flashback world productions
Misc.: Audience recording, AAD, Digitally mastered
Produced: Produced and published by Flashback, L-2449 Luxemburg, Flash 01.91.0133
Date: 741114
Cover: Drawing of one dollar notes with the face of the band members on each his note instead of Washington. PINk FLoYD written in red letters across the middle. Two page booklet, same as front cover. On the backcover is the following stated: "This is not an excellent recording, but this is the only complete recording of the British winter tour 74/75, that's why we think it's worth to be published. We have done our best in the studio to get the best quality."
Sources: 14 Nov 1974, Empire Pool, Wembley, London.
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      Disc 1
       1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond     22:17
       2. Raving And Drooling            15:16
       3. You Gotta Be Crazy             18:30
                      Total running time 56:03
      Disc 2
       1. Dark Side Of The Moon          31:39
          a) Money                 8:42
          b) Us And Them           8:35
          c) Any Colour You Like   8:39
          d) Brain Damage          3:56
          e) Eclipse               1:43
       2. Echoes                         24:43
                      Total running time 56:22

      Roger Waters*
      David Gilmour*
      Rick Wright*
      Nick Mason*

Xref: Black Holes In The Sky (2CD), this one includes the whole DSoTM set.
  • VG+ -TOR
Comments: This is *not* an complete recording of the show, as stated on backcover, since the tracks Speak To Me -> The Great Gig In The Sky is missing. The show is described in the MILES book:

"Though the critics raved about the concerts, the Floyd themselves weren't all that pleased. David Gilmour describes the show of the 14th as `probably the worst we've done on the whole tour'. It seems that some of the equipment was not functioning properly, `I was definitely dispirited. It gets very depressing when you're fighting against odds like dud equipment. Energy soon flags. We weren't pleased to do an encore because we didn't desevre it. I'm not interested in disguising my feelings on stage with showbiz devices. I've seen hundreds of bands do that. Does anybody respect them? When I'm standing there I'm conscious of trying to give the most I can.' "

This can be clearly heard on Shine On You Crazy Diamond where Gilmours guitar is very little present, and the other guys are covering him up. Roger announces "Sheep as "Raving And Drooling I Fall On His Neck With A Scream" and there is a tape played before the song starts. The versions of Sheep and Dogs is a little different from the 75 and 77 versions of these songs. Great Echoes (as always). Very little audience noise on this recording. -TOR

GREAT 24-minutes-version of "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" and other similar live-recordings. -MISC

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