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Format: 2CD
Catalog: HIWATT
Misc.:<no info>
Produced:<no info>
Date: 701121
Matrix: Disc: 1
Disc: 2
Cover: Front: It comes in a double cardboard foldout package with nice slipcases for the CD's
Sources: 21 Nov 1970, 16Jul70 CD1 1-5, CD2 2-6: 21 Nov 1970 Montreux Casino CD1 6, CD2 8: 22 Nov 1970 Montreux Casino CD2 1: 16 Jul 1970, Paris Theatre CD2 7: 30 Sep 1971, BBC
Hires-coverscans: <no info>
MP3-Soundsample: <no info>


      Disc: 1
       1. Astronomy Domine 
       2. Fat Old Sun 
       3. Cymbaline 
       4. Atom Heart Mother (small band version) 
       5. The Embryo 
       6. More Blues 

      Disc: 2
       1. If 
       2. Green Is The Colour 
       3. Careful With That Axe Eugene 
       4. Set The Controls for the Heart of the Sun 
       5. A Saucerful of Secrets 
       6. Interstellar Overdrive 
       7. Blues 
       8. Just Another Twelve Bar Original 

      Roger Waters 
      Nick Mason 
      David Gilmour 
      Rick Wright 

Comments: The quality of set the Controls, Saucer and Instellar is a bit less than the rest of the package.

This is the same stuff as on the Smoking Blues roio however its not a direct copy I believe. Firstly AD has a few extra seconds of introduction on this version and also the sound is different. There is more hiss on this release however it is not very much and only audible in the very quite sections. However Montreux Casino sounds clearer and brighter than Smoking Blues which leads me to believe that Smoking Blues was dehissed which often results in a loss in high end. Also on this release we get an audience source from the same two shows and well as some BBC tracks the aud source is pretty poor but still interesting. So I'd say that this release is better than Smoking Blues and although the extra tracks are not up to much there better than nothing at all which is what you get on Smoking Blues plus the packaging is one of the best I've ever seen on a roio. -GREEN MAN

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