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Format: CDR
Catalog: HRV CDR 005 Harvested
Misc.: Recorded live for BBC RADIO ONE
Produced: 1999
Date: 700716
Matrix: Disc: 1
Cover: Front: Fantasy colorfull drawing of a cliffed coast-line with floating cows and a planet. Back: More floating cows and even a winged cow drawing, track-listing and source-info.
Sources: 16 Jul 1970, Paris Cinema, London.
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      Disc: 1
       1. The Embryo
       2. Fat Old Sun
       3. Green Is The Colour
       4. Careful With That Axe, Eugene
       5. If
       6. Atom Heart Mother

      Roger Waters
      David Gilmour
      Nick Mason
      Rick Wright

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Comments: If you haven't got "Libest Spacement Monitor" I would highly recommend this recording - great sound quality/nice performance. -KARSTEN

I'm afraid you're wrong about the date that the "Mooed Music" was recorded. Both my reference sources, and my knowledge of roios tell that it was rather 16 Sept 1970.

As I've read, the first public performance of AHM was at 23 Jan 1970 in Paris. The idea of adding the choir and orchestra came much later. The first performance of the suite with Ron Geesin's orchestra arrangements was on Bath Festival, 27 June '70. Therefore, the "Mooed" version cannot be as early as 12 June 70.

Also, the Mooed Music is supposed to be a BBC session for John Peel. As I just see in an interview with Gilmour (Polish translation), "When we were doing a recording for John Peel - and it was in September, a month before the album release (...)" - it was definitely Sept.

Then, the roio evidence. "Mooed Music" contains THE SAME material as roios being reported as recorded on 16 Sept 1970 (Libest Spacement Monitor, two tracks on The Dark Side Of The Sky, and others), except one track - Fat Old Sun. Check this out, even the noise in AHM (around 4:30) is present on different roios. The Mooed Music is just a clone of Libest Spacement Monitor, with Fat Old Sun added.

Fat Old Sun does not seem to come from the same source. It sounds a lot different, more distant, heavy on drums, with much more hiss. All looks like a roio manufacturer's trick: take known material of good quality, add "the newly discovered BBC track" taken from anywhere else, add excellent packaging, change the date of the performance and sell as never released. Nice try, must tell.

So, I think it was recorded on 16 Sept 1970, except from Fat Old Sun where I can't recognise the source. -MICHAL

For the curious, Mooed Music is not a clone of Libest Spacement Monitor - it is in fact mostly taken from the Westwood 1 CD's. There are a number of other sources used to fill in what is missing from that CD set. Of course, it is the same performance, only it has better sound and is more complete.

With regard to Fat Old Sun, it is the version from the BBC broadcast - just not the same source. It was the best source we had at the time. In fact, two sources were discovered and it has parts of both. So, indications are that it was broadcast at least twice, once a shorter version than the other.

With regard to the date, I don't know about July 12, but July 16 is a reasonably accepted date. This is indeed shortly after the 'recent Bath festival' mentioned in the intro. The September month mentioned in the Gilmour interview probably referred to the 1971 BBC sessions, which were in September. -ROIOMAKER

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