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Format: CD
Catalog: Pig 01 Pig Records, Dallas
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Produced: 1994
Date: 940405
Cover:<no info>
Sources: 05 Apr 1994, Houston Texas.
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      Disc 1:
      1. Learning To Fly                    2:12
      2. What Do You Want From Me           4:39
      3. A Great Day For Freedom            4:27
      4. Sorrow                             9:23
      5. Take It Back                       6:32
      6. On The Turning Away                7:11
      7. Keep Talking                       6:41
      8. One Of These Days                  6:08
         Total:                            47:15
      Disc 2:
      1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond         8:03
      2. Breathe                            2:50
      3. Time (incl. Breathe Reprise)       7:13
      4. High Hopes                         7:42
      5. Wish You Were Here                 5:59
      6. Another Brick In The Wall          7:28
      7. Money                              7:49
      8. Run Like Hell                      3:14
         Total:                            50:20

      Rick Wright 
      Nick Mason
      David Gilmour

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Comments: Astronomy Domine is missing, as is Comfortably Numb, Hey You, and possibly another from the Division Bell, but I'm not exactly sure what the set list was for this show.

After the first song the quality is excellent, although it's quite bassy, and I'd say it was from a DAT recording, as the drums are extremely good. The first CD starts about half way through Learning To Fly, and the solo is very very good. The crowd are quite quiet apart from one annoying bloke who keeps yelling "Rock and Roll!" and "Oh Yeah!" a lot.

Keep Talking gets a bit boomy in places. SOYCD starts on Syd's theme. Nice version of Breathe.

High Hopes is good, as is Wish You Were Here (as ever) with what sounds like the entire audience joining in with the lyrics, but not annoyingly. Just before Another Brick - Dave says "Thank-you very much, hope you're all enjoying yourselves. We've had this laid on especially, at great expense" Maybe he was just on about the little bit of Another Brick part 1 that they play - I'm not sure. (More likely the lightening! - DAve.)

They actually start to play Great Gig but only get through a couple of chords before it stops and Dave says "Well the piano seems to have stopped working, I've no idea why...umm...It's awful damp up here......and down there"

(which I seem to recall he said at Knebworth in 1990 - memory man that I am) Then he says

"Shall we play something loud with the guitars, then. Shall we get straight on with money then. You want to do that one? 'Cause the piano doesn't work, we'll do money instead. I hope you're all having a great time, 'cause we are..."

Then follows a powerful version of money, Dave Laughs occassionally during the lyrics.

At the end of Money we hear thunder and lightning, and Dave says: "Well I think we might have to concede defeat on this one. Marvellous isn't it? Thought it was supposed to do this in England not in Texas. Right, we'll try one more, and if everything doesn't break down up here, which most of it has already, we can all go home then. Sorry about that. Unless it calms down a little"

Then comes Run Like Hell. The first lyrics come in slightly late. Run Like Hell stops after one Verse (Nick does a neat little fill) Dave Says: "Well, due to circumstances entirely beyond my control, everything up here's stopped wroking. So thank - you very much for coming, I'm really sorry, but we're gonna have to love you and leave you goodnight."

And so endeth another weather-soaked performance. While Dave is apologising for the weather, the crowd are yelling "bullsh*t" at the tops of their voices.

On the whole it's quite good, but a little disappointing as it's not the whole show.

When the equipment is working there is a tremendous atmosphere. Despite the weather, and occasional noisy members of the audience (only between the songs luckily), the quality of this roio makes it rather good.

I see what people mean by the fact that the new songs seem too perfect when played live. Listening to A Great Day For Freedom, it was definately different from the album but it still did not quite have the atmosphere of a live performance. Perhaps that's what Dave meant by revolutionizing concert performances. (;-$) Maybe it's also to do with the fact that some of the older tracks sound very similar to the last concert, wheras if you listen to some older concerts of for example SOYCD from 75 - 77, you can generally tell the difference. -MARK

Considering the positive comments on this RoIO, I have to say (for the less experienced sisters and brothers) that there are many very excellent or super RoIOs available (i.e. any 20.10.94 Earl's Court CD) for the 94 tour. If it had not been for OTTA which is not too bad, and which I adore, I hadn't bought this extremely bassy recording covered by texan growling. Not mentioning the missing tracks and the total breakdown at the end. - UDO

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