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Format: CD
Catalog: bc026 baby capone
Misc.: audience aad s.i.a.e.
Produced: Italy 02-94
Date: 720220
Cover: Picture of the band amongst their instruments with Pink Floyd at the top in translucent letters. Moon Walk is at the bottom in darker pink letters. Four page booklet (including the cover), with a view of a concert hall looking out from the stage. Center 2 pages is the stage in front of red smoke. The disc has the same picture as the cover only a little closer.
Sources: 20 Feb 1972, Rainbow Theatre, London U.K.
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       1. Speak to Me/Breathe
       2. On the run
       3. Time
       4. Breathe (reprise)
       5. The Great Gig in the sky
       6. Money
       7. Us and Them
       8. Any Colour You Like
       9. Brain Damage
      10. Eclipse
      11. Biding My Time (Bonus Rare track)

      Roger Waters
      David Gilmour
      Rick Wright
      Nick Mason

Xref: 8th RD From the Moon, The Best of Tour 72, Dark Side of the Sky, Forbidden Samples
  • Ex -DRDRAX
Comments: Probably the same show as Best of Tour 72 except Time is complete. Also there is No intro, I am ...... Mad is missing Us and Them has been spliced (as if from a flipped tape).

Other than these small items the show is enjoyable and of Great Quality. I recommend this one very high. -DRDRAX

Its Dark Side of the Moon (of course) and a 'bonus track' of 'Biding My Time' - the studio version, nothing new. The sound quality is OK, but a little muffled. And it seems to my (admittedly untrained) ears a little slow. I think its an audience recording, but I'm sure someone knows out there for sure. -ANON

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