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Format: 2CD
Catalog: VOX 1001/02 (Vox Records)
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Produced:<no info>
Date: 940917
Cover: Front: Sky with some white clouds. On left and right the two stone heads from TDB, the PF symbol from TDB in the middle. The title is written in red on the bottom. Back: Sky with some white clouds. On the top left, 'EUROPEAN TOUR 1994' is written in yellow. On the top right, the PF symbol from TDB. The tracks are written in black. CDs feature a picture of Mr screen over Dave Gilmour during the CN solo.
Sources: 17 Sep 1994, Italy, Modena.
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      Disc 1:
       1 Shine On You Crazy Diamond (1-5,7)           12:50  
       2 Learning To Fly                               5:44
       3 High Hopes                                    8:03
       4 Take It Back                                  5:38
       5 Coming Back To Life                           7:17
       6 Sorrow                                       11:40
       7 Keep Talking                                  7:42
       8 Another Brick In The Wall (part 2)            6:54
       9 One Of These Days                             8:33 

      Disc 2:
       1 Speak To Me                                   2:19
       2 Breathe In The Air                            2:41
       3 On The Run                                    4:25
       4 Time                                          6:47
       5 The Great Gig In The Sky                      5:07
       6 Money                                         8:44
       7 Us And Them                                   7:16
       8 Any Colour You Like                           3:32
       9 Brain Damage                                  3:45
      10 Eclipse                                       2:14
      11 Wish You Were Here                            5:48
      12 Comfortably Numb                             10:44
      13 Run Like Hell                                 8:08       

      David Gilmour                                 
      Nick Mason
      Richard Wright

      Tim Renwick
      Jon Carin
      Gary Wallis
      Guy Pratt
      Dick Parry
      Durga McBroom
      Sam Brown
      Claudia Fontaine    

  • Sup- -PATRICK
Comments: The best sound heard until now for an audience recording. The only drawback is (of course) the crowd. This is a must have. -PATRICK

Mutinae is easily the best audience recording I have ever heard. Vocals and instruments are very clear. Sound effects (i.e. "For millions of years man live just like the animals . . .") are a little quiet and the recording seems to be a little heavy on the bass.

There is a very brief drop out somewhere on the first disk (sorry, I forget exactly where) and either a quick mike movement or a fade out during the beginning synthesizer part of Sorrow. The performance itself is absolutely extraordinary. The Dark Side set is much more enjoyable than the one on Pulse and has an excellent Any Colour You Like. During the speaking parts, Dave alternates between Italian and English. I own and have heard a lot of the 94 tour disks and this is by far my favorite. As mentioned in the above review, this is a must-have. - TonyW

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