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Format: 2CD
Catalog: A.2135 Aulica
Misc.:<no info>
Produced: 1992
Date: 840629
Cover: Black with small painted picture of a man holding a guitar.
Sources: 29 Jun 1984, Berkeley, CA
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      1. Until We Sleep                   7:10   (7:19)
      2. All Lovers Are (Deranged)        5:29   (5:31)
      3. Love on the Air                  5:18   (5:26)
      4. Wihaus (Mihalis)                 9:14   (9:19)
      5. Cruise                           8:08   (8:13)
      6. Short & Sweet                    7:15   (7:18)
      7. Money                           18:49  (12:36)
      8. Out of the Blue                  7:15   (3:49)
                                         Total   59:31

      1. You Know I'm Right               7:37   (7:43)
      2. Run Like Hell                    6:56   (7:00)
      3. Blue Light                      11:50  (11:56)
      4. Murder                           8:38   (8:46)
      5. Near the End                    11:01  (11:08)
      6. Confortably (sic) Numb           7:44   (7:49)
                                         Total   54:22

      David Gilmour

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Comments: Really great quality. This seems to be a complete show (but it is missing "There is No Way Out of Here" and "Let's Get Metaphysical"). It may be from a Radio Broadcast. DG doesn't say the word Bullshit on Money, It is just "... do goody good ------".

From what I could find, there was no other radio broadcast of one of Dave's concerts besides the one at Bethlehem, and that was only a partial show. The date and location could be correct. The songs are not in the same order as what was generally played (according to AJTTaSwPF) and I am not sure why the two songs mentioned above are not here, if they were not played are were just left off.

Anyway, It really is an excellent recording. For the Dave Gilmour fans out there, look for this one. -MISC

This is not from the same show as in Pennsylvania. The sound is a little bit muffled and hissing is evident but stereo is good and almost no audience present. -HERWIG

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