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Format: CD
Catalog: PYCD 053 Triangle Records
Misc.: Audience recording, AAD
Produced: 1990
Date: 731104
Cover: Cover: Roger in action. PINK FLOYD at top, title at bottom. No booklet.
Sources: 04 Nov 1973, Rainbow Theatre, London, England
Hires-coverscans: obscured_at_rainbow.back.1.jpg
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      1: Speak To Me                                     3:29
      2: Breathe                                         2:54
      3: On The Run                                      5:30
      4: Time                                            5:33
      5: Breathe Reprise                                 0:50
      6: The Great Gig In The Sky                        6:24
      7: Money                                           7:35
      8: Us & Them                                       8:45
      9: Any Colour You Like                             5:51
     10: Brain Damage / Eclipse                          7:30
     11: Obscured By Clouds                              6:46
     13: When You're In                                  8:56
                                           Total time:  70:07*

      Roger Waters
      David Gilmour
      Rick Wright
      Nick Mason

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  • 8 -OSO
  • VG (Ex on the sound effects) -TOR
  • VG+ -BB
Comments: Indexing is off. Dark Side as we know and love it. -OSO

Average crowd recording. DSOTM as usual. Notice the rare performance of 'Obscured../When You're In'. Errata in timing the correct beginning of songs.

From the November 4th 1973 concert that makes a nice change from the 72 One! Basic in it's packaging, a single sided insert, it manages an EX average from the tape source onto a single CD, but catches DSOTM in full with Obscured By Cloudes and When You're In as encores. -BD (#24)

Very nice 73 concert, more like the DSotM album than the 72 concerts. Great stereo, sound effects are *very* clear and loud, especially the speaking after Money. There is also a very long Speak To Me where you can hear instruments being tuned. The encore with Obscured../When You're In is also nice and not on many RoIO's. On the louder tracks there is a little distortion in the sound, ruining the overall impression of this CD a bit, but I still like it very much. -TOR

Great sound quality. Very clear and crisp. This show is a very good performance, and it includes the only live versions of Obscured by Clouds and When You're In that I have seen on CD. -ECM

This is a very good audience recording, considering the time of the concert. Worth the purchase just for OBC/WYI. The person was obviously close to one of the quadrophonic speakers where the sound effects were coming out, because they are much clearer than the music. The end of Us and Them and the beginning of Any Colour You Like are edited out. Before OBC/WYI, the crowd seems to be screaming for "Echoes". You can hear Roger (or is it Rick) tuning up the bass many times throughout the concert. Definitely recommended. - BB

Though I do not yet have this show, it should be noted that this is the last Floyd performance before they brought Raving And Drooling and Shine On You Crazy Diamond into their repertoire some 7 months later in France. That alone makes it interesting. - Scott

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