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Format: 2CD
Catalog: SC 52005/6 Sugarcane Records
Misc.: Audience
Produced: Italy (SIAE), 1993
Date: 711120
Cover: Tray liner and rear of insert feature playlist; front of insert has colour photo of Nick behind his kit.
Sources: 20 Nov 1971, Taft Auditorium, Cincinnati; (disc says 6 Nov 70) *Palace Theater, Waterbury, Conn., March 18, 1973.
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      Disc 1:
      1. Embryo      *** Longest Embryo ever!          26:35
      2. Fat Old Sun                                   13:15
      3. Set the Controls For the Heart of the Sun     14:57
      4. Atom Heart Mother                             19:21

      Disc 2:
      1. Careful With That Axe, Eugene                 12:21
      2. Cymbaline                                     12:29
      3. Echoes               [incomplete recording]   16:08
     *4. Obscured By Clouds                             4:35
     *5. When You're In                                 7:38
     *6. One of These Days                              8:17

            (Timings from CD player)

      Roger Waters 
      Rick Wright 
      Nick Mason
      David Gilmour

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  • VG (Bonus tracks: VG+) -ADAM
  • Ex -Scott
  • VG/VG- on Taft tracks, VG (SP+) on Waterbury tracks
Comments: This double disc set lists the venue as being Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, November 6th, 1970. I have a copy of this same show on tape which is listed as "Emerson Gym", Cleveland, Ohio, November 6th, 1971. Because the track listing is that of the "Meddle" tour, and because the band was touring Europe in November of 1970, I believe that the date on my tape is correct and that this CD is in error.

Regardless, the CD presents a very good, but distant audience recording....with little crowd interference....

This set is not the complete performance, missing "One Of These Days". Filler material from Waterbury, Ct. March 18, 1973 has been used to fill in the second disc.... - LIVE MUSIC REVIEW

Sound is thin with virtually no bass; treble is OK, if a little shrill in places.

The performance of "Embryo" is exceptionally long (26 min.), and is the main selling-point of this CD. The jam which fills out this piece is in places derivative of "Echoes", and also features "Eugene"-style vocals by Roger. - THE HEDONIST

This is one of the most relaxed performances that I have ever heard. Embryo is very very long and Dave just solos constantly (not too much keyboards, perhaps they were waiting for it to get fixed). Echoes is only the first part and sounds very much like the Pompeii version with Roger soloing a lot. There is a skip or something from the original source during Echoes and a bit is repeated. At the beginning of AHM there are a lot of sirens noises, and I don't think that they are real. The bonus tracks fit in well. When You're In is very loose with some nice solos by Dave and Rick. It is a very listenable disc although there are much better '71 shows. However, it is a very unique set. -ADAM

For a long time this was thought to be Cleveland 6 Nov, but the master was found and the date and venue were identified. A second source also surfaced which included a full version of "Echoes" and "Blues" encore. - BD#32

The bonus tracks Obscured by Clouds and When You're In alone make this CD worth buying. Nick's drumming is the strongest I have ever heard, and the rest of the band are really on the ball here as well. The only problem is that the sound quality is a little thick. Other than that, I really love this Roio. -PK

This is one of the strongest group performance from the Fall 1971 tour, possibly because it is the last show of the tour (disregard the Nov 6 1970 date listed on the disc). All songs are played aggressively. Embryo is extremely long and has a mid section jam totally different from the standard version. This is a siren played in the beginning of AHM that just screams when the band kicks in. AHM has a very good vocal section. The sound quality is not the greatest, with very little bass. Nevertheless, this is possibly the best currently available show from the Fall 1971 tour (I can't decide between this and Heart of The Sun). The disc also contains 3 songs from a March 1973 show in Connecticut. This performance is very good and is better recorded than the 1971 show. However, buy this title mainly for the 1971 show. Contains the last know recorded performance of Embryo, Cymbaline, and Fat Old Sun. This is also the last known recording of the band before they brought DSOTM into their repertoire. It was the end of an era. Rated as essential collection material. -Scott

Using Pink Floyd: In The Flesh as an additional reference source, it appears that Floyd did not perform any shows in France in December 1971. That means that this show is the final performance of Cymbaline, Embryo, and Fat Old Sun. Though the sound is a little thin, it is a really hot performance. As I stated above, I rate this show as essential collection material. - Scott

I don t really like this RoIO. The Taft show may be a historic performance, but I don t find it a particularly inspiring one. The Embryo jam is OK, and foreshadows Breathe/On the Run a bit, but doesn t really go anywhere. What makes it (and the whole set) tough to enjoy is the lackluster sound quality; the source tape is basically free of hiss, but it s very harsh and canned -sounding. In addition to the lack of bass, it s got a lot of jangly upper-mid-range distortion that s rough on the ears; this mainly comes from Dave s guitar, which is often loud enough to drown out most of the other instruments (due to tape compression). I m told a good EQ can improve the sound dramatically, but as I don t have a graphic equalizer, I can t reap its benefits. At least the pitch is OK: at the very start the tape speed is a little fast, but by the end of Embryo it s on the money. There re some subtle speed variations in Echoes, but they re not a big deal. (And of course, as everyone has written, the date listed on the set is wrong it s really November 20, 1971.)

As for the Waterbury tracks, the recording is distinctly better, yes...but no one seems to have noticed (probably because these tracks are instrumental) that they re going WAY too fast! They re off by a full 2 semitones. To put it differently, when I speed-corrected One of These Days, it ended up adding a full minute to the track time. Anyway, setting aside the speed problem, the bonus tracks are OK, but there are many 73 shows I d take any day over this one. (Tangentially, the Waterbury tape may be misdated; many folks are calling this one 3/17/73, Radio City Music Hall.)

Finally, the whole set is poorly edited. Fat Old Sun cuts in very abruptly from Embryo, and there are nasty skips (material is repeated) in Echoes and When You re In. There s also an ugly edit in CWTAE, which also cuts out early.

All in all, I wouldn t go so far as to pan this set; it s not a genuine turkey in the same way that Black Glass or Cracked is. Many of its problems are more than likely due to inadequate equipment on the part of its makers, who probably meant well. As well, the sound isn t horrible or anything, and if you do have a good EQ you can probably do a lot to improve it. Still, this is one of the few RoIOs I ve ever had that I just can t get into. My tastes seem to run opposite to Scott s: I d say get Live in Montreux 1971 (Black Wizard/White Witch) or Falkoner Teatret over this one anyday. - MT

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