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Format: CD
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Date: 870928
Cover: A strange Oriental-type drawing.
Sources: 28 Sep 1987, Chicago USA
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       1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (1-5)
       2. Signs of Life
       3. Learning to Fly
       4. Yet Another Movie
       5. A New Machine (1)
       6. Terminal Frost
       7. A New Machine (2)
       8. Dogs of War
       9. On the Turning Away

      David Gilmour
      Rick Wright
      Nick Mason
      Tim Renwick
      Jon Carin
      Guy Pratt al.

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Comments: Welcome to Chicago has the second part of this concert.

A very good '87 era non-Echoes concert. Again, like Welcome to Chicago, the vocals are a tad distant, but the instruments are loud and clear. Some of the performances are especially strong, Yet Another Movie is good, as is On the Turning Away.

It's quite thrilling for me to hear some of these songs live, especially the rare A New Machines I & II and a Terminal Frost. The tracks are mislisted, however. What is marked as A Terminal Frost is, in fact, A Terminal Frost plus A New Machine II, and the song listed as A New Machine II is Sorrow.

I recommend this concert to an fan of the post-Waters era Floyd, especially fans of A Momentary Lapse of Reason. -PK

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