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Format: CD
Catalog: TSP-CD-034 The Swingin' Pig
Misc.: BBC Broadcast, GEMA
Produced: (P) 1989, Made In W. Germany
Date: 710930
Matrix: Disc 1: INTERPRESS TSPCD 034 412 0245
Cover: Pink Floyd on stage. PINK FLOYD written at top in pink letters, and title at bottom. Four page booklet, with one picture inside of PF on stage 74 (same as backover).
Sources: 30 Sep 1971. - SCOTT Recorded live at the Paris Theatre, London October 12, 1971 The date is not quite right, but it's close* -TOR
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      1. Fat Old Sun           14:14
      2. One Of These Days      6:54
      3. Echoes                26:17
                  Total time   47:25

      Roger Waters*
      David Gilmour*
      Rick Wright*
      Nick Mason*

Xref: Eclipse, Rhapsody In Pink, Londonfields, Echoes
  • Sup -HERWIG
  • Sup -TOR
  • Sound quality is brilliant. -TAP (#50)
  • Ex -BD (#24)
  • The sound quality is near studio perfect and playing
  • is excellent -RAFAEL
Comments: This recording is taken from a BBC session (October '71), so the sound quality is brilliant - it could very well be an official release. The most interesting track is Fat Old Sun, which have been stretched to more than 14 minutes. What more can I say - if you like bootlegs with excellent sound, this one is for you. -TAP (#50)

This one is just perfect, there is nothing to complain about. It's much better than the ones mentioned in Xref. This one and 'Libest Spacement Monitor' (also TSP) is the ones to have from the BBC sesions in 70-71. Times are from CD timer. Highly recomended. -TOR

This 3 track CD would come highly recomended were it not for the fact it is yet another BBC 1971 recording rehashed. The sound is EX throughout, as is expected from Swingin Pig (who are very good at getting it together quality- wise). including the booklet which have some great colour photos from c. 1974/75. -BD (#24)

Although I'm a relative newcomer to RoIOs, I think I know a good thing when I see it. This CD is simply fabulous, the sound is just about as good as the live tracks on Ummagumma (especially Echoes, the sound there is crystal clear), and the pitch is right on. The performance is quite good on FOS and OoTD, and amazing on Echoes: this is far better than the version on, say, Total Eclipse, and is IMHO better than that on Pompeii--in fact, in some ways I even prefer it to the original on Meddle. A first-class combination of performance and sound quality: the only sour note is that it's missing Embryo and Blues (however, I think that "Blues" from Total Eclipse, misdated on TE as from 16 Sep 1970, is very likely in fact from this concert [judging by the sound quality] so that's one down), which'll rankle completists, but in every other way it's beyond criticism. -MT

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