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Format: CD
Catalog: CD DV 5749
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Produced: Made in italy
Date: 711120
Cover: A beatiful, colourful digipack which unfolds right and left. Front picture is a realistic drawing of the band on stage. On top it sais 'North American Tour 1971' and 'One Of Those Days'. In the right corner there's a picture of some sort of disc with along the edges 'Limited Edition- Rare versions' and the tracklisting (including timing). Below this disk is written 'Pink Floyd'. Back cover is red with with lettering the title, the band and the tracklisting (inluding timings). On the side is a barcode and at the bottom is the producing company mentioned, including address and faz/phone numbers (in Italy). When unfolding the both flaps, there's collage of small photos of Pink Floyd on stage as well as in the studio. There are also black and white pictures of each band member with one hand in front of their eyes. The title and tracklisting are repeated again in small letters, as well as 'Cincinatti, Music Hall, Ohio, 20 November 1971" And there is a listing of venues the band band played in North America during Oct/Nov 1971. The CD itself is blue, with the same drawing as the front cover. All writings are kinda 'handwriting' format.
Sources: 20 Nov 1971, Cincinnati, USA
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      Disc:  1
       1. The Embryo                                          27:15 
       2. Cymbaline                                           12:02 
       3. Fat Old Sun                                         13:05 

      Roger Waters 
      David Gilmour 
      Rick Wright 
      Nick Mason 

  • VG+ -ANDRE
  • VG+ -PELLE
Comments: Incredible long version of 'Embryo', the main piece of this Roio. The other two are not so full of improvisation, and the overall duration is not so long. A cheap purchase for your collection. -PELLE

DV. DUMORE RECORD, Via Mecenate 76/3 - 20138 Milano Italy Distribution: DISCOPIU' srl Via Quintiliano 29 - 20138 Milano Italy

This disk contains only a snippet of a show. Just three songs, but still a good 50min+ worth of music.

The main selling point is of course the inclusion of 'The Embryo', a song already famous for the numerous different version but this one is one of the strangest and at least the longest. The main part is a good deal of jamming with guitar, bass and drums. Somehow the keyboard are not there for quite a while. Was there a problem with Rick's equipement? And were they just jamming along until the problem was fixed? Who knows. But at least it resulted in a very good and rare performance.

Cymbaline and Fat Old Sun are nice, but not really special - ANDRE

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