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Format: CD
Catalog: BAN-033-C
Misc.: First half of a concert. Second half on Other Side Vol 4.
Produced: Australia.
Date: 890715
Cover: Standard 'Unauthorised' comments all over it. Small photo on front cover: close-up of Dave with face muscles contorted (belting out a song, I presume). Writing is in a dark purple on a black background (which makes it a bit difficult to read).
Sources: 15 Jul 1989, Venice (almost certainly). Disc says Europe 1989 (part 1).
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      1. Shine On You Crazy Diamond        2:47
      2. Learning To Fly                   5:29
      3. Yet Another Movie                 6:18
      4. Sorrow                            9:59
      5. Dogs of War                       8:10
      6. On The Turning Away               7:39
                                   Total  40:32

      David Gilmour*
      Rick Wright*
      Nick Mason*

      Guy Pratt (Bass, Vocals)*   Scott Page (Saxohones, Guitar)*
      Gary Wallis (Precussion)*         Lorelei McBroom (Vocals)*
      Jon Carin (Keyboards, Vocals)*        Rachel Fury (Vocals)*
      Tim Renwick (Guitars, Vocals)*      Durga McBroom (Vocals)*

Xref: Venetian Nights ?
  • Ex+ -PHIL
  • Ex -MARK
Comments: Live in Venice? -DAve.

Almost certainly. Tracklist and times are very similar, and other echosians have recognised Dave's little speech at the end of Learning To Fly. The sound is difficult to fault, but the performance isn't very different to DSoT. Incidentally, track 4 starts with Round and Round. -PHIL

The trebele is a bit muted, but overall is an excellent recording. Very little audience noise. - MARK

The way that they were legally possible to sell was the "Unathourised" statement on the cover. Unfortunately that has been changed.

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