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Format: 2CD
Catalog:<no info>
Misc.: 2CD in a nice three flap cardboard box
Produced:<no info>
Date: 750616
Cover: Front : title PINK FLOYD in white with (smaller) PANDORA S BOX title. A photo with a blue/white light straight in the face, like a Mister Screen. Inside left : D. Gilmour photo Inside middle : mister PIG Inside right : track list Back : a back view of R. Waters playing
Sources: 16 Jun 1975, Nassau Coliseum NY 27 Apr 1972 Ford Auditorium Detroit (Disc 2, tracks 3 & 4 Ford Auditorium)
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      Disc 1:
       1. Sheep                 
       2. Dogs
       3. Shine On You Crazy Diamond
       4. Have a Cigar
       5. Breathe
       6. Dark side of the Moon (titled as...)
       7. Money
          Total:                                     68:07

      Disc 2:
       1. Us And Them 
       2. Echoes
       3. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
       4. Blues Jam
          Total:                                     59:59

      Roger Waters 
      David Gilmour
      Rick Wright 
      Nick Mason

  • Ex- -DIDIER
Comments: I think it's the same show as Random Precision (the cover says 6/17/75 and Random Precision is 6/16/75) but the sound is better. The speed of the recording is too high (except tracks 3 & 4 disc 2) and change the voices ... The package is the most beautiful I've seen. -DIDIER

A letter published in the May "Live Music Review" alleges that the Flashback 2CD "Pandora's Box" is a recording of 'some kind of tribute band,' and not PF. I can't speak to it, I'm afraid - anyone else? -THE HEDONIST

This is an unstandable mistake. The New York gig is speeded up about 2 and a half tones or more. So Roger Waters sounds like Phil Collins. As most collectors know you could train a chimpanzee to do a better production job than anything Flashback has ever done.

It is Pink Floyd, but unless you have speed control it is to be avoided. The second cd is not so far off and the other gig does seem to be somewhat rare as I have never seen it anywhere else. I hope to get the New York gig on GDR, but this seems difficult.

This show is NOT the 17 June 75 show but the 16 June 75 at the Nassau Coliseum, NY. 'Sheep' actually was called 'Raving And Drooling' and 'Dogs' was called 'You've Gotta Be Crazy' at that time.

The same show can be found on 'Random Precision' roio and 'Raving And Drooling' ('Sheep') and 'You've Gotta Be Crazy' ('Dogs') you may also find on the 'Total Eclipse' box.

It's easy to tell these are from the same show. At the beginning of 'Raving And Drooling' ('sheep') you can hear a member of the audience shouting : 'Has anybody lost their ...'. This same guy can be found on 'Pandora', 'Random Precision' and on 'Total Eclipse'.

Speed on 'Pandora' is really fast. Not that it's disturbing for the music but the vocals are becoming really annoying. I can't understand why this is. The version on 'Random Precision' and the songs on 'Total Eclipse' are at correct speed. - ANDRE

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