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Format: CD
Catalog: PINK-001 (CD matrix no.)
Misc.: Picture CD, pink silk screen of Barrett-era band.
Produced: Germany, 1993?
Date: 67
Cover: INSERT: Folded; front repeats the front graphics from the "Shine On" box bonus digipak, rear has tracklist and credits, centerspread blank. TRAY LINER: Tracklist and credits, including production info. Legend: "This Compilation (c) 1992 EMI Records Ltd. The Early Singles is part of the special edition box set Pink Floyd Shine In [sic] (CDS 7805572)"
Sources: 1967- 1969? - "Shine On" box Early Singles bonus CD.
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       1.  Arnold Layne                      2:58
       2.  Candy and a Currant Bun           2:47
       3.  See Emily Play                    2:57
       4.  Scarecrow                         2:12
       5.  Apples and Oranges                3:07
       6.  Paint Box                         3:47
       7.  It Would Be So Nice               3:46
       8.  Julia Dream                       2:36
       9.  Point Me At The Sky               3:40
      10.  Careful With That Axe Eugene      5:45

      Syd Barrett (1-6)
      Roger Waters 
      Rick Wright 
      Nick Mason
      David Gilmour (7-10)

Xref: The Early Singles (ROLO CD).
Comments: This is a pirated copy of the Shine On bonus digipak (with perhaps a few more minor sonic blemishes) and comes packaged in a standard jewel box.

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