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Format: CD
Catalog: MOJO-60
Misc.:<no info>
Produced: Australia 1994, ($5)
Date: 73
Cover: At the top in red writing there is the disclaimer: This is an unapproved recording. In the middle of the cover is the words Pink Floyd Live UNAPPROVED. Beneath all this is a crappy picture of a blue and white concert ticket which, (wait for it!) says; Pink Floyd Live in Concert. Finally beneath everything is the crowd and a stage.
Sources: 1973?
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       1. Time and Great Gig in the Sky                10:46
       2. Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun    12:49
       3. Careful with that Axe, Eugene                11:19
       4. Money                                         5:20
       5. Echoes                                       18:50

      Roger Waters 
      Rick Wright 
      Nick Mason
      David Gilmour

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Comments: Sound was generally alright, better with headphones. A lot of shouting (from Dave) went on during Time. The drums and cymbals at the beginning of STCFTHOTS sounded like an aeroplane going overhead, but the lyrics were surprisingly clear. Sadly Echoes was without the *pings*, but was otherwise pretty good. Well worth checking out. -ANON

The way that they were legally possible to sell was the "Unathourised" statement on the cover. Unfortunately that has been changed.

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