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Format: 2CD
Catalog: CD 013/14 Manic Depression
Misc.:<no info>
Produced: Italy
Date: 6802
Cover: Front: Stageshot with pink "Pink Floyd" crossing over. 4-page booklet with various nice live pictures.
Sources: Feb 1968, 1969 Recorded for the BBC (1st 8 tracks)* London 16 Jul 70 (D1 T9-12, D2 T1)* London 30 Sep 71 (D2 T2-4)*
Hires-coverscans: <no info>
MP3-Soundsample: <no info>


      Disc 1
       1. Let there be more light
       2. Point me at the sky
       3. Murderistic woman
       4. Julia dream
       5. Embryo
       6. A saucerful of secrets
       7. The narrow way
       8. Green is the color
       9. Embryo (10:15 as opposed to 2:57 on the other)
      10. Green is the color
      11. Careful with that axe, Eugene
      12. If

     Disc 2
      1. Atom heart mother
      2. One of these days
      3. Echoes
      4. Fat old sun

      Roger Waters*
      David Gilmour*
      Rick Wright*
      Nick Mason*

Xref: Libest Spacement Monitor, Embryo
  • Ex/Sup (sound quality differs) -PATRICK
  • Sup The clarity of sound is incredible -UNKNOWN
Comments: If you can find it, get it. This has to be some of the best live stuff I've ever heard. It also has some cool photos inside. -UNKNOWN

It seems to me that the RoIO-makers are stealing from themselves. Tracks 1 to 8 from disc 1 are _exactly_ the same as on "Embryo" (from TSP) and tracks 9 to 12 from disc 1 and track 1 of disc 2 are from "Libest Spacement Monitor". I can hear absolute no difference. Only tracks 2 to 4 from disc 2 seem to be from another source. These also differ in quality from the rest: There are better versions around (e.g. "One of these Days"). The sound from the "Libest Spacement Monitor"-tracks is indeed breathtaking good. -HERWIG

Disc 1 tracks 1 - 8 are BBC Top Gear recordings. Quality is VG+ not Sup, lots of vinyl crackle.

Disc 1 tracks 9 - 12 and Disc 2 track 1 are BBC In Concert from 16th July 1970. Excellent quality although there is dropout during "Careful" (xref with LSM)

Disc 2 tracks 2 - 4 are BBC In Concert from 30th Sept. 1971. Most likely source is "Eclipsed" vinyl ROIO. Not de-clicked, lots of crackle. Better of with "One of these days" as mentioned above.

If you don't have any BBC recordings it's a good place to start. -TUZZ

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