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Format: CD
Catalog: MT CD 1104021
Misc.: Remastering: STUDIO 7, Napoli. License: CANARIA, Dott.Guzzo
Produced: 1995 Italy
Date: 700916
Cover: It's like a vision from a planet, with some stars and another planet in background. The space (obviously) is black, with "Pink Floyd Live" written in red in it. In the surface of the first planet there are some blue line like a grate, with photos of Nick, Roger, David and Rick in it (these photos were cut from the one which comes in the booklet of Meddle remastered versions). And, finally, in the lower part of the cover there is a green line with "THE GREAT HITS - THE GREAT HITS - THE GREAT HITS" written in black. Cover Design: V.Bassani The back cover is all black and white. The back cover says the following (plus the tracks, obviously): Recorder LIVE 1970 Remastering: STUDIO 7 - Napoli - 1995 Cover Design: V.Bassani License - CANARIA - Dott.Guzzo/Italy MT CD 1104021 (also in the front cover, in the upper right corner) And, some lines in Portuguese, like "All Rights Reserved", and so on, plus the address of the manufacturer.
Sources: 16 Sep 1970?
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       1. Green is the Colour          3.20
       2. The Narrow Way               4.10 
       3. Let There Be More Light      3.28
       4. If                           4.22
       5. One Of These Days            6.08
       6. Echoes: part I              11.08
          Echoes: part II              7.05 
       7. The Embryo                   7.00
       8. Atom Heart Mother           10.00
          a- Father's Shout
          b- Breast Milky
          c- Mother Fore

      Roger Waters 
      David Gilmour
      Rick Wright 
      Nick Mason

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Comments: Echoes appears as 'Echos' on the cover.

IMHO, it is a great RoIO. Unfortunately, the volume is a little low, specially in "If" and "Green is the Color". "Echoes" is great! AHM is smaller than the regular one. You don't hear sounds from the audience, so you can see it was recorded in a studio. - DALLAGNOL

Quality is clean, though the bass is much too loud, and the volume is a bit low.

All numbers are faded and shortened, ehchos??? is really good though cut - JONAS

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