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Format: CD
Catalog: CDDV 2032 DV More Record Production
Misc.: SIAE
Produced: 1994, Via Quintiliano 29-20138 Milano Italy
Date: 700916
Cover: It is basically a generic "Live" picture of the band sometime in the 70's. It's been digitized and blurred. The only parts that are still recognizable are the large circular screen and Nick's drum kit beneath. Written in red cursive writing in the middle of the circular screen are the words "Pink Floyd Live". Shooting out from these words are multi-colored lines (probably more for decoration than representing their laser show). In the lower left corner in small horizontal yellow rectangles are 4 of the song titles. In the lower right corner is an apple with a yellow banner that reads, "More Than 20".
Sources: 16 Sep 1970, Playhouse Theatre, London. 1, 7 - October 1971, Pompeii 2, 5, 6, 8 - 16 Sep 1970, BBC Playhouse Theatre, London 3 - 25 June 1968, BBC Top Gear 4 - 12 May 1969, BBC Night Ride
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       1. One Of These Days                   6:05
       2. If                                  4:22
       3. Let There Be More Light             3:31
       4. The Narrow Way                      4:17
       5. Green Is The Colour                 3:21
       6. The Embryo                          7:04
       7. Echoes                             18:03
       8. Atom Heart Mother                   9:54
          Total                              56:42

      Roger Waters 
      Rick Wright 
      Nick Mason
      David Gilmour

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  • Ex stereo -BOOK/DAN
Comments: Amazing. I was really impressed. In fact, unless I was told differently, I would've thought it was a normal commercial release. If you're looking for these BBC type sessions, this is a pretty good disk to buy. I got it from a guy that lives in Chile (Hi Luis!) and haven't seen it available anywhere else. The whole 16 Sep 70 gig is presented on this disc, except for the song "Careful With That Axe, Eugene". Why it wasn't included I don't really know. I also don't really understand why the two random BBC tracks were thrown into the middle of the 16 Sep 70 tracks. It's really odd. The art work isn't terribly impressive, but better then some. The disk's total length is: 56 minutes and 42 seconds, a pretty fair amount of music!

The copy of Echoes on theis CD is NOT from 16 Sep 70. the source for this version of Echoes is Oct 4-7, 1971 (the Pompeii gig). In fact, there is another song on the disc, One Of These Days, which is also from the Pompeii soundtrack. -SCOTT

Echoes is listed as two tracks (Part 1 and Part 2) on the cover, but is indexed as one track on the disc. Atom Heart Mother is cut short. My copy has a different cover, a blueish photo of the band on stage in the early '70s with the words Pink Floyd in white. - ANON

I think that Echoes and One of these days, are not from the Pompeii movie, cause I have the movie and those numbers sound very different. In fact, they is more probable that they are from the John Peel concert at the BBC on september 30th., 1971.. The quality of this performances is FANTASTIC. The quality of this Roio is not too good. The performances on 16 sept 1970 are cut short (most of all Embryo and Atom Heart Mother). They are in complete form on Focus, which is a better CD. The Narrow Way has a not so good sound quality. The quality of this numbers is Excellent, as they were recorded at the BBC. - RAFAEL

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