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Format: CD
Catalog: PAL-16 Rose
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Produced: Australia
Date: 87
Cover: Pink Cover witht the title Pink Floyd in Mega Concert at the top. Pic of the band looks like its from either the Dark Side or In the Flesh tours. Shows the four guys and Mr. Screen.
Sources: 1987?
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       1. Another Brick in the Wall 2                    5:30
       2. Speak to Me                                    2:23
       3. Breathe                                        3:01
       4. Money                                          8:02
       5. Wish You Were Here                             4:35
       6. Time                                           6:37
       7. Shine On You Crazy Diamond                     2:48
       8. Learning to Fly                                5:15
       9. On the Turning Away                            7:32
      10. One of These Days                              6:32
      11. Dogs of War                                    8:00
      12. The Great Gig in the Sky                       4:50
      13. Brain Damage                                   4:08

      Roger Waters 
      David Gilmour
      Rick Wright 
      Nick Mason

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Comments: This seems to be quite a mixture of recordings. I think it is from the 1987 tour as On the Turning Away and Dogs of War and others are included, but there is some older stuff, like Speak to me which was not played on that tour. There is also no set list included or locations. -ANON

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