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Format: CD
Catalog: AS44 ALL OF US
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Produced: Made in Italy, ALL OF US (No date given)
Date: 741116
Cover: Rather nice standard jewel box, with a pamphlet inside the cover. Cover has four color-filtered stage photos (yellow, green, red, blue...clockwise from top/left). The photos are exactly the same shot, however, in each photo, the image on the screen is different (clockwise from top/left, the images are the heads-up side of a coin, the "10" from currency, the tails-up side of a coin, and the take off of a jet). The photos are approximately 2 inches by 1.75 inches on a white background. "PINK FLOYD" is printed above the four centered photos and "PINK MOON" is printed in a slightly smaller font across the bottom. The inner sleeve opens up to show an elongated shot of the band in concert with a face shot of each of the four members across the bottom. The back of the sleeve/pamphlet is an image of Dave singing. The CD itself is white with pink lettering of "PINK FLOYD PINK MOON". The play list is printed in black. The back of the case is another photo of the band in concert with the play list again. The credits acknowledge "Special guests Dick Parry (Sax) on 6 & 7 and Clare Torry (Vocals) on 5.
Sources: 16 Nov 1974, London (Tracks 1-10); 1971 London (Track 11). Disc Says November 15, 1974.
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      1. Speak to Me                      1:09
      2. Breathe                         2:50
      3. On the Run                      5:07
      4. Time                            6:30
      5. The Great Gig in the Sky          6:52
      6. Money                           8:23
      7. Us and Them                      7:09
      8. Any Colour You Like              7:30
      9. Brain Damage                     3:39
     10. Eclipse                         1:45
     11. Careful With That Axe, Eugene     7:15

      Roger Waters 
      David Gilmour
      Rick Wright 
      Nick Mason

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  • VG+ - CEBBY
Comments: Times from CD player

The recording is the same old stuff from that great broadcast concert that we are very familiar with. This is just another packaging. However, the hiss is significantly disatracting on all of the DSOTM piece. It mercifully disappears on CWTAE...which will also sounds familiar but I can not place it. -CEBBY

CWTAE is probably from BBC 1970 or 1971. -DAve.

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