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Format: CD
Catalog: KRCR 21 Kobra Records
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Produced:<no info>
Date: 670111
Matrix: Disc: 1 KRCR 21
Cover: Front: Pink background. A cow face, "kissing" the camera. Text in black: "PINK FLOYD" on the top, "Pinkie Milkie" hand written on left-bottom. Back: Pink tracklist on black background. A small picture of "Atom Heart Mother" cover, in pink. Back verso has a picture (black & pink) of the "5" Pink Floyd, with (L to R) Nick, Syd, Dave, Roger and Rick. Book: "PINK FLOYD" in pink letters, on black background. Between "PINK" and "FLOYD", a picture of the pig used during the 1977 tour, with lighted eyes.
Sources: 11 Jan 1967- 20 Oct 1994 1, 2: 1967, 1st U.K. Single 3: 1967, alternate mix, 3rd U.S. Single 4: 9 Aug 1967, withdrawn 3rd U.K. single 5: 25 June 1968, BBC, 201 Picadilly Studio 1, London 6: 1968, 5th U.K. single 7: 2 Dec 1968, BBC, Maida Vale Studio 4, London 8: 16 July 1970, BBC, Paris Theatre, London 9, 10: 17 Feb 1972, Rainbow Theatre, London 11: 1971, demo version 12: 1977, Britannia Row Studios, complete version 13, 14: 1982, The Wall (Film-versions) 15: 20 Oct 1994, Earls Court, London
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      Disc: 1
       1. Arnold Layne                                        2:53 
       2. Candy And A Currant Bun                             2:44 
       3. Flaming                                             2:46 
       4. Scream Thy Last Scream                              4:38 
       5. Julia Dream                                         2:23 
       6. Point Me At The Sky                                 3:31 
       7. Embryo                                              3:27 
       8. Atom Heart Mother                                   24:46 
       9. Breathe                                             2:59 
      10. On The Run                                          6:21 
      11. Money                                               1:40 
      12. Pigs On The Wing (I & II)                           3:34 
      13. Mother                                              6:45 
      14. Empty Spaces / What Shall We Do Now?                4:36 
      15. Wish You Were Here                                  5:00 
          Total Time:                                         78:05 

      Syd Barrett 
      Roger Waters 
      Nick Mason 
      David Gilmour 
      Rick Wright 

Xref: 1, 2, 6: The Pink Floyd Early Singles 3, 4: Antiques - A Rare Collection Of Oddities Jewel Box 4 - Rare Live & Unreleased Magnesium Proverbs Sights And Sounds Of S. Barrett's Pink Floyd 5, 7: The Complete Top Gear Sessions 1967-1969 The Embryo Transcendental Medication Ultra Rare Trax Vol.1 Ultra Rare Trax Vol.2 8: Atom Heart Mother Atom Heart Mother Goes On The Road The Controls Are Set Dark Side Of The Sky Focus Libest Spacement Monitor Libest Spacement Monitor Live In London 1971 Phenomena Pink Is The Pig 9, 10: The Best Of Tour 72 Dark Side Of The Sky Forbidden Samples The Live Side Of The Moon Moon Walk Time (Live & Studio Anthology)
  • Ex/Sup
Comments: I have a copy of the Pinkie Milkie ROIO that does not include the the 15th track, Wish You Were Here. -ANON

Perfect quality! This is a compilation of various outtakes and live performances. Here are the BEST SOUNDING versions I heard, for each song (except maybe "Atom Heart Mother", because this is a mono version, and you can find stereo versions on other RoIOs). Very professionnal. However, there are some mistakes in the tracklist (sometimes, titles are wrong or incomplete, sometimes references are wrong). Here are my comments, song by song.

1. Arnold Layne This is the regular single version, in mono (it sounds exactly like the official "Early Singles" version). The stereo version can be found on "Relics". This track was recorded at Sound Techniques Studios, London, on 11-12 Jan 1967. The single was released on 11 Mar 1967. Sound quality: Sup!

2. Candy And A Currant Bun ("Candy And A Currant" on the tracklist) As above, this is the regular version, in mono, as it appears on the official "Pink Floyd Early Singles". This track was the B-side of the "Arnold Layne" single, and was recorded during the same sessions. Sound quality: Sup!

3. Flaming ("Flamming" on the tracklist) This is the alternate mix, as it appeared on the 3rd U.S. single, released on 5 Aug 1967, on Capitol's Tower label. This single was released on U.S. because this track didn't appear on the U.S. release of "The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn". The mix is not so different from the regular one, just a little bit rough, and with some background sounds mixed louder. It's mono. Quality, again, is the best you can find. There are no vinyl crackles, so I guess this must have been taken from the Westwood One CD sampler "A CD Full Of Secrets". Sound quality: Sup

4. Scream Thy Last Scream This one is wonderful! The famous unreleased single appears here with the best sound quality ever. There's absolutely no tape hiss, no distortion, no background noise! Sound quality is better than on "Magnesium Proverbs", "Sights And Sounds Of Syd Barrett's Pink Floyd", "Early Singles"... If you want the definitive STLS version, get this CD. It was recorded on 9 Aug 1967, and it was planned to be the third U.K. single (w/ "Vegetable Man" as the B-side), but it was cancelled, so the third single (the last with Barrett) was finally "Apples And Oranges"/"Paintbox", released on 18 Nov 1967. Sound quality: Sup!

5. Julia Dream Recorded on 25 June 1968 for BBC's "Top Gear", 201 Picadilly Studio 1 in London. Excellent quality, better than most of other "BBC sessions" RoIOs. The only RoIO I know with comparable sound quality is "Ultra Rare Trax Vol.1". Sound quality: Ex+

6. Point Me At The Sky The booklet says this was taken from the same "Top Gear" session, but this is exactly the same version as the mono version that appears on the official "Pink Floyd Early Singles". Perfect sound quality, although I prefer the "stereo" version on the Westwood One CD sampler "A CD Full Of Secrets". Sound quality: Sup!

7. Embryo Wrongly listed as from "Top Gear" 14 Jan 1970. It's in fact from the 2 Dec 1968 "Top Gear" session, Maida Vale Studio 4, London. Sound quality is OK, but not as good as for "Julia Dream". Sound quality: Ex-

8. Atom Heart Mother This is the performance for the "Peel Sunday Concert" broadcast, recorded on 16 July 1970, at the BBC Paris Theatre, London. The date on the booklet is wrong (16 Sept 1970). This is the whole song, 24 minutes long, with the orchestra. Sound is excellent, but in MONO! In all the X-references I know, this broadcast is in stereo! It's a pity they didn't find the stereo source for this CD. Sound quality: Sup-

9. Breathe The booklet says it's a demo version, dated 17 Feb 1970. It's WRONG. This is from one of the very first public performances of "The Dark Side Of The Moon". It was recorded in London, at the Rainbow Theatre, 17 Feb 1972. So the booklet at least had the right day and month! Excellent stereo (maybe soundboard). It sounds like a copy of version on the "Best Of Tour 1972" RoIO (Swinging Pig), with the very good NoNoise mastering. Sound quality: Ex+

10. On The Run Same as for "Breathe". Booklet is wrong about the date and the source. This is from 17 Feb 1972. This version of OtR is the "jam" version, very different from the version on the official DSotM (released more than one year later!). Sound quality: Ex+

11. Money This time, this is really a demo version. Roger Waters sings the lyrics, accompying himself on acoustic guitar. Very interesting, because it's very different from the final developpement of the song. There's no Gilmour, Wright or Mason here. It's obvious that this track was recorded months before the first public performances, since it's a very "minimal" version. I think the year could be 1971 (not 1972, as listed on the booklet). This is a mono recording. Sound quality: Ex+

12. Pigs On The Wing Pt.I-II This is the complete studio version of this song, as the Floyd recorded it, in 1977. Between the first and second part, there's an electric guitar solo by Snowy White (he was the second guitarist on the "In the Flesh" tour). Unfortunately, they decided to cut this song in two parts for the album "Animals", and the beautiful middle part with Snowy White disappeared! The full version can only be found on the very rare 8-track release of "Animals". So here it is, in stereo, with some tape hiss (but not too annoying). Sound quality: Sup-

13. Mother Taken from the film version of "The Wall". The song is very different from the album version. The sound is really superb, in stereo. I think they copied it directly from the LaserDisk. Sound quality: Sup!

14. Empty Spaces / What Shall We Do Now? Listed as "Outside The Wall" on the booklet! This follows "Mother" on the film. "What Shall We Do Now" wasn't on the album version, but was played during "The Wall" shows. Sound quality: Sup!

15. Wish You Were Here Public performance, recorded on 20 Oct 1994, Earls Court, London. The sound quality seems to be better than on the (even excellent) TV broadcast RoIOs. So this could have been copied directly from the official "P.U.L.S.E" video. Sound quality: Sup

Even if there are some tracks that you can find very easily on other RoIOs, this CD is an absolute must-have, especially for the rare "Money" demo and "Pigs On The Wing Pt. I & II", and for the superb sound quality of "Flaming" and "Scream Thy Last Scream". -MARC-OLIVIER.

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