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Format: 2CD
Catalog: Red Line/On Tour 20212
Misc.: SIAE
Produced: Italy 1993
Date: 870919
Cover: Packaging is a dual digipak (side-by-side format); inside lid is a collage of concert photos and Floydian graphic designs; front is design of suited man studying sheet of artwork with background of clocks and overlain with band and CD names; rear has a psychedelic design and playlist. The whole comes in a black cardboard wallet with playlist and venue info. on the back; band name, CD name and a triangular radial multi- colored (rainbow) design on the front. CDs are picture disks; #1 repeats the radial-rainbow design, but #2 is quite unusual, with a circularized panoramic view (I forget the exact term for this type of projection) of the Manhattan skyline at dusk around the periphery. My package also included a CD-shaped card with a clock design and playlist/venue info.
Sources: 19 Sep 1987, JFK Stadium, Philadelphia, Penn.
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      Disc 1 
       1. Echoes/Signs of Life                          23:57
       2. Learning to Fly                                5:27
       3. Yet Another Movie/Round and Around             7:24
       4. New Machine I/Terminal Frost/New Machine II    7:44
       5. Sorrow                                        10:18
       6. Dogs of War                                    7:38
       7. On the Turning Away                            8:27
      Disc 2
       1. One of These Days                              6:05
       2. Time                                           5:37
       3. On The Run                                     4:35
       4. Wish You Were Here                             6:23
       5. Welcome to the Machine                         6:47
       6. Us And Them                                    7:32
       7. Money                                          6:55
       8. Another Brick In The Wall II                   6:15
       9. Comfortably Numb                               9:00
      10. Run Like Hell                                  7:23
      11. Shine On You Crazy Diamond I-V                11:48
      Rick Wright 
      Nick Mason
      David Gilmour

      Guy Pratt      Bass           Margret Taylor Backing Vocals
      Jon Carin      Keyboards      Rachel Fury    Backing Vocals
      Tim Renwick    Guitar         
      Gary Wallis    Percussion     
      Scott Page     Saxophones/guitar

Xref: Hand of Fate (CD)
  • Ex - HAMISH
  • Ex/Sup -PELLE
Comments: Very nice audience recording; instruments well defined, bass and treble both very crisp, vocals and drums suffer from a little reverb. Some relatively unobtrusive tape flutter is apparent on SOYCD. This is the same concert featured on the "Hand of Fate" CD, only in complete form, plus Echoes starts very close to (but not quite at) its beginning (Sorrow is likewise unedited here). This production also lacks the tape hiss which so badly afflicts "Hand of Fate". - THE HEDONIST

Great packaging superior to many official releases, the only defect being SOYCD titled as "Shine On Your Crazy Diamonds". Nice picture CDs, too. The quality of the recording is better than many, although CD 2 is a little quieter and seems to get louder during Money. A great show, the audience and the band seem to be enjoying themselves, although audience noise stays at moderate levels during the songs, except for some singing. The version of Echoes is a more slick performance than some, except that Dave forgets some of the words. Also a lyric change in Welcome To The Machine ("he made a mean guitar"), and he lets the audience sing some of Wish You Were Here. The performance of Learning To Fly is one of the very few that live performances of this song that is even listenable, and it is quite good. (Except for the intro percussion which is a little muddled).

Overall, it is a great show with really good, well balanced sound, missing a little treble. It is good to listen to a show in which the crowd and the band really sound like they are enjoying themselves. - HAMISH

An excellent document of the early '87 shows, I like it a lot for the presence of 'Echoes' and 'Welcome To The Machine'. Moreover the arrangements are a little different from DSOT, and this simple but deluxe package contains all the show, without cuts. One of the best ROIO for the sound, catch it. -PELLE

I have not heard the disc, but I was at the show. I screamed my head off when I heard the first "PING" of Echoes. I couldn't believe they were playing it. As I remember, after Echoes, it seemed as though they started playing the synth opening for "Shine On", then stopped, saving it for the end. But I may have been mistaken, being so caught up in the event. I had very good seats sitting above and at about a 45 degree angle from the stage, on the right side (facing the stage). The place was packed! JFK is a huge stadium. I believe it is the largest open air stadium on the east coast. A guy came on the stage during intermission saying there were 120,000 of us there, though that number seems a bit big. This was the last show at which they play both "Echoes" and "Shine On" (as far as I can tell through the middle of 1990). One heck of a concert. I was hoarse the next day. I need to get this disc. -Scott

An excellent and unique show! The only disc with Echoes and SOYCD from the 87 tour. I wish PF would play Echoes more, it is a *great* song. Packaging is also unique. If you can find it, buy it! - JZ

The best echoes87 performance available on CD as far as I know. I still think Chicago 28Sep87 has a little better sound than this one, except for the vocals, which are clearer on Prism. But Prism is still great, and a must have. - FERNANDO.

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