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Format: CD
Catalog: PYCD 038 Triangle Records
Misc.: AAD
Produced: 1990
Date: 701222
Cover: Cover: Stageshot with thick psychedelic pattern as border. No booklet.
Sources: 22 Dec 1970, Sheffield, England.
Hires-coverscans: psychedelic_night_i.back.1.jpg
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      1. Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast (extended live version) 22:38
      2. The Embryo                                           12:06
      3. Fat Old Sun                                          14:40
      4. Careful With That Axe, Eugene                        15:23

      Roger Waters
      David Gilmour
      Rick Wright
      Nick Mason

Xref: You also get this as a double CD with the same name and catalog numbers - PYCD 038/39
  • 7 -OSO
Comments: High end supressed. Minimal vinyl noise. Mastering - vinyl.

I think the strangest concert from PF ever banned on tape. What a pity that the sound quality is so poor. All mono and very dull. This is (probably) the only known recording of 'Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast', most of the times improvisation of simple tunes, known tunes from the album and tape effects. Sometimes you will also hear nothing (except the hiss 8^). Extended version of 'Embryo' and a confusing version of 'Careful..', where the screaming starts before it actually should. All in all highly interesting for the real fan. You are, aren't you? Otherwise you wouldn't read this comment.... -HERWIG

Sound quality is marginal but listenable. One of the few times Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast was played live. All songs are extended versions. -ECM

I was going to post that this RoIO did not contain the same A sPB performance on Dec 22, 70 as heard on the LP RoIO Allen's Psychedelic Breakfast . After listening to them both closely, I realized that they are the same performance, it's just that the one here doesn t have the interlude between Rise and Shine and Sunny Side Up. You can hear the edit/cut at the 5:27 mark. Conversely, the LP version doesn t have the exchange between Waters and Gilmour after A sPB is finished but before The Embryo begins. I ll try to transcribe both sections below: 1st Interlude (lasts 4:35, and is missing from A Psychedelic Night I ): Thuds on a table like the banging of a heavy jar. Sounds of a lid turning. laughter [lgh]. Waters- A cup. stirring sounds. lgh. Waters- That s it?? Is that working? more stirring and lgh. pause Waters (to audience)- What do you think he s going to do with the sugar? Is he going to pour it all in the cup...or is he going to use a spoon? lgh. A deep voice from audience (barely audible) says, spoon! lgh. pause. Waters- or is he going to spoon it all into the cup? lghlgh. pause. s just a joke, but... pause. Thump thump thump. lgh. Waters- [inaudible] it s not going to well out here, boys. Voice from audience - Turn it on! to which the rest of the audience moans, Aughh.. pause. Waters- mmm....AUGH! Rubbish lgh. pots/pans banging on a table. lgh. stirring. Waters- Oh, this is pretty disgusting, isn t it? It s hardly music. pause. sound of a guitar lead being plugged in (?). Inaudible remark from audience member. lgh. Intro to Sunny Side Up.

Exchange between songs (and is missing from the Lp RoIO Allen s Psychedelic Breakfast ): Roger tuning his bass (more laughter for this, too!) to Rick s organ. When he s done he whispers, one, then abruptly stops. RW- Are you together? Either Nick or Rick trying to get Dave s attention- Dave! RW- Dave? DG- What? RW- Are you together? DG- Not yet....hang on a minute. Dave starts tuning his guitar and you can hear Rick turn off the Binson Echorec channel hooked up to Dave s guitar (CLICK Click click click...). Dave s still tuning...after a while of this he play s a cord, it sounds alright, but then he stops. Silence... RW- Are you together? no response... RW- It s okay, Dave. I mean it s no hurry. Offstage voice- Right [Wright?], are you ready? RW- And it s only five past eight. I mean we only started about half past seven. I mean we have to have one number. lgh I mean you can take as much time as you want, mate. I mean that what I mean [standing it?]. Do carry on. Voice from audience- Go ahead, Joe. pause. DG- We ll jolly well go then. [inaudible] can you please set the volume on this mike, eh? pause One two, one two, OONNEE TWWOOO.....much better. RW- Are you together? DG- Not very, but we ll go anyway. RW (to DG)- Okay then inaudible DG Okay more inaudible DG Great. RW (to audience)- It may take some time this evening because everybody s in festive mode, but we will do it all in the end. And we ll start now. And this is...ah...this song is called The Embryo Applause. - PIG1DO

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