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Format: CD
Catalog: 02-CD-3302 The Early Years
Misc.: AAD
Produced: CDT Berlin
Date: 67
Cover: Barrett Floyd in front of a brick wall (in a tunnel?) wearing psychedelic clothes. 5 more colour images inside (same era). Disc picture is Barrett Floyd with instruments in front of a curvy reflective metalic bacdrop (colour).
Sources: 1967, 1968 Sessions for British Radio
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      1. Interstellar Overdrive            2:48
      2. Flaming                           2:30
      3. The Scarecrow                     1:57
      4. The Gnome                         2:03
      5. Matilda Mother                    3:15
      6. Vegetable Man                     3:11
      7. Pow R Toc H                       2:50
      8. Scream Thy Last Scream            3:35
      9. Jugband Blues                     3:41
     10. Be Careful With That Axe, Eugene  2:15
     11. Julia Dream                       2:23
     12. Baby Blue Shuffle In D Major      3:55

      Syd Barrett on tracks 1-9
      Roger Waters
      David Gilmour on tracks 10 - 12
      Rick Wright
      Nick Mason

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  • G+ -HERWIG
Comments: A limited edition (550 copies) picture disc exists Number 252 is taken. Sounds awful - DAve

The sound is muted and a little heavy on the bass; it sounds as though you're listening to the music through pillows. There is an annoying skip at the beginning of The Gnome. Better quality versions of all of these tracks can be gotten elsewhere. -ECM

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