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Format: CDR
Catalog: MARE 9401 (Marooned Records)
Misc.:<no info>
Produced: 1994
Date: 8610
Matrix: Disc 1:
Cover: Only green text on grey background, no picture. Front: The "Roger Waters - Radio K.A.O.S" circle logo (with the satellite) on green. Bottom: "off the air" on big green letters, and "a collection of radio kaos rarities" on small green letters. Back: "radio kaos off the air" on big green letters, followed by "a collection of kaos rarities" on small green letters. Then the tracklist.
Sources: ?? Oct 1986- 14Jul1987 1-12: Oct - Dec 1986, The Billiard Room 13: 1987, USA 14: 14 Jul 1987, The Billiard Room
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      Disc:  1
       1. Radio Waves                                          4:47 
       2. Who Needs Information                                6:03 
       3. Me Or Him                                            5:36 
       4. The Powers That Be                                   4:02 
       5. Sunset Strip                                         4:09 
       6. Home                                                 7:26 
       7. Four Minutes                                         4:10 
       8. The Tide Is Turning                                  5:30 
       9. Radio Waves (extended version)                       7:04 
      10. Going To Live In L.A.                                5:55 
      11. Radio Waves (edited version)                         3:45 
      12. Get Back To Radio                                    4:42 
      13. Molly's Song (live)                                  3:21 
      14. Money                                                6:32 
          Total Time:                                         73:10 

      Roger Waters 

Xref: 1-8: "Radio KAOS" promo only dj album, 1987 9-11: "Radio Waves" CD single, 1987 12,14: "The Tide Is Turning" CD single, 1987 13: "Who Needs Information" US 7" single, 1987
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Comments: This is a very nice CD, with all the available rarities released with the "Radio KAOS" album.

According to the booklet, the first 8 tracks come from the "promo only dj" release of "Radio KAOS", without the spoken words between songs. So, nothing really new, but a nice alternate version of the album, without the DJ's transitions and Billy's dialogs between the songs (each song is a separate entity). It was dubbed from vinyl (but the vinyl noises can only be heard between the songs). I don't think the "promo dj only" album was released in CD format. Sound quality seems even much warmer than the original CD.

The next 3 tracks come from the "Radio Waves" CD single, and are perfect quality.

"Get Back To Radio" and "Money" were taken from the "The Tide Is Turning" CD single. "Money" is a "live in the studio" version, recorded at the Billiard Room on July 14, 1987. The lead vocals are sung by Paul Carrack.

"Molly's Song" is a true live version, recorded in 1987 during the US tour. It's only available on the US 7" single "Who Needs Information". Here, sound quality is not perfect, since there are some vinyl scratches. On this song, backing vocalist Doreen Chanter sings. On the "Radio KAOS" album, a short extract from this song can be heard (during "Four Minutes").

So, this RoIO is in fact a collection of other (rare) RoLOs. It's nice to have all the singles rarities from the KAOS period on one CD. The only thing is that the CD-R doesn't play on my Kenwood CD player (this player has some trouble with some CD-Rs). But it plays perfectly well on my Philips CD player, and on my car CD player. So, if you find this RoIO, try it before buying it (if it's possible...). - MARC-OLIVIER.

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