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Format: CD
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Date: 680625
Cover: Front: Blue background. On the center, a picture of Mason, Barrett (cigarette in his mouth), Waters (cigarette in his right hand) and Wright. Back: Only text. Claims to be "RECORDED LIVE IN LOS ANGELES - NEW YORK - SAN FRANCISCO BETWEEN 1967 - 1981" Book: Blue/purple background with 2 pictures. On the left: a picture of Waters in 1987. On the right: Wright, Gilmour, Mason in 1987. Bottom: text describing the band, including Barrett although he doesn't play on any track.
Sources: 25 Jun 1968- 18Nov91 1, 4, 10: 7 Nov 1987, Quebec Coliseum (R.Waters "KAOS" Tour) 9: 18 Nov 1991, Guitar Legends Festival, Sevilla 2, 6, 7: 28 Sep 1987, Rosemont Horizon, Chicago 3: 19-23 Aug 1988, Nassau Coliseum, New York 5, 12, 13, 14: 28 Feb 1980, Nassau Coliseum, New York 8: 29 Apr 1970, KQED TV Studios, San Francisco 11: 25 Jun 1968, BBC, 201 Picadilly Studio 1, London
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      Disc:  1
       1. Welcome to the Machine                               7:19 
       2. Time                                                 5:39 
       3. Comfortably Numb                                     8:45 
       4. Pigs                                                 3:50 
       5. Stop/The Trial                                       6:47 
       6. On the Run                                           4:02 
       7. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (1-5)                    11:22 
       8. Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun            8:02 
       9. The Happiest Days of our Lives/ Another Brick in 
          the Wall (2)                                         5:08 
      10. Breathe                                              3:23 
      11. Let There Be More Light                              3:37 
      12. Nobody Home                                          3:22 
      13. Vera                                                 1:28 
      14. Bring the Boys Back Home                             1:04 
          Total Time:                                         78:50 

      Roger Waters 
      Rick Wright 
      Nick Mason
      David Gilmour

  • VG+/Sup
Comments: It is a compilation of different performances. There's no label or date on the CD. There's no info about the date and venue track by track. The text on the back cover ("RECORDED LIVE IN LOS ANGELES - NEW YORK - SAN FRANCISCO BETWEEN 1967 - 1981") is not totally correct.

"THDOOL/ABITW(2)" are listed as 2 separate tracks (9 - 10), but they both appear on track 9. So, the next tracks, listed from nr.11 to nr.15, are in fact from nr.10 to nr.14 on the CD.

WELCOME TO THE MACHINE, PIGS and BREATHE are taken from the famous Westwood One broadcast of Roger Waters "KAOS" tour. It was recorded on Nov 7, 1987, at the Quebec Colisee. The sound is fantastic (soundboard, stereo), and the performance is excellent (I really like the version of "Pigs", very short, but very good). Notice that "Breathe" is sung by Paul Carrack, not Waters. Sound quality: Sup!

THE HAPPIEST DAYS OF OUR LIVES / ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL(2) are taken from the Roger Waters appearance at the Guitar Legends Festival in Sevilla in 1991. This was recorded from a mono broadcast. Sound quality is excellent, but not as good as for KAOS show in Quebec. Sound Quality: Sup-

TIME, ON THE RUN and SHINE ON YOU CRAZY DIAMOND were recorded during the "Momentary Lapse Of Reason" tour, on September 28, 1987, at Rosemont Horizon. The source, for these 3 tracks, is an excellent audience recording, in stereo (the same recording that appears on "A Clear View" and "Now And Forever" RoIOs). Sound quality: Ex+

COMFORTABLY NUMB is exactly the same as on the official live "Delicate Sound Of Thunder". So, this is from Aug 19-23 1988, Nassau Coliseum, New York. Sound quality: Sup (of course!)

STOP/THE TRIAL, NOBODY HOME, VERA, BRING THE BOYS BACK HOME are from the well known recording of "The Wall" show, on Feb 28, 1980, Nassau Coliseum, New York. It's an excellent audience recording, in stereo (the same recording as for the other RoIOs from this show: you can hear the same screams and applauses, from the same people). Sound quality: Ex

SET THE CONTROLS FOR THE HEART OF THE SUN was performed during the KQED TV show, in San Francisco, 29 Apr 1970. Very good version of this song. It's a mono recording. Sound suffers because of crackle supression from the vinyl source (same sound quality as "Colourful Meadows"). Sound quality: VG+

LET THERE BE MORE LIGHT is the famous BBC version, recorded on 25 June 1968, 201 Picadilly Studio 1, London. It's in mono, as usual. There's a lot of tape hiss, the version on the Xreferences has a quite better sound. Sound quality: VG+

This RoIO is very enjoyable. Good sound quality, good performances. BUT, most of the songs can be found on other (more complete) RoIOs. I think these tracks are more enjoyable in their context, when you listen to the whole performance (especially "The Wall" songs). So, not so interesting, after all. - MARC-OLIVIER.

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