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Format: CDR
Catalog: DFP-128 Digital Floyd Project
Misc.:<no info>
Produced: 1997
Date: 83
Matrix: Disc: 1 CDR
Cover: Front: RW playing live in 87 Back: stage shot from P+C tour, under clear tray-collage of PF and RW solo albums Book: publicity photo from Berlin
Sources: ?? ??? 1983- 01Apr92
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      Disc: 1
       1. What God Wants                                       7:54
       2. Bravery of Being Out of Range                        1:32
       3. Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking                         5:27
       4. The Thin Ice                                         3:39
       5. Radio Waves                                          7:00
       6. Going to Live in L.A.                                5:49
       7. Get Back to Radio                                    4:48
       8. Hero's Return Pt 2                                   1:20
       9. Across the Universe                                  2:36
      10. Me or Him                                            6:47
      11. Molly's Song                                         3:16
      12. Sunset Strip                                         3:52
      13. The Gunner's Dream                                   7:24
      14. Comfortably Numb                                     7:34
      15. Outside the Wall                                     4:07
          Total Time:                                         73:08

      Roger Waters
      The Bleeding Hearts Band
      plus other various guests

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  • Sup - VG -TimV
Comments: Here are the sources for the tracks 1. Guitar Legends Festival, Seville Spain, Oct 18, 1991 2. Berlin, Germany, Acoustic version from the Berlin Rehearsals, July 18, 1990 3. Extended remix from the 'Pros and Cons' EP 1984 4. Berlin, Germany, 'Boo-boo' instrumental-electrical failure, July 21, 1990 5. Extended remix from the 'Radio Waves' EP 1987 6. B-side to the 'Radio Waves' EP 1987 7. B-side to the 'Tide is Turning' EP 1987 8. B-side to the single 'Not Now John' 1983 9. BBC-TV tribute to John Lennon, December 5, 1985, with Andy Fairweather-Low 10. Demo played on Waters' Rockline interview, Sept 21, 1987 11. Live recording, B-side to 'Who Needs Information' single 12. Radio KAOS tour rehearsals, London, August 1987 13. Philadelphia, July 24, 1984, classic Waters rant in response to firecrackers in the crowd 14. Walden Woods Benefit, Los Angeles, April 1, 1992, duet with Don Henley 15. Los Angeles, Sept 20, 1987

This is a broad compilation of Roger's post-Floyd work including many rare B-sides from the KAOS albums. In some cases of the live tracks, the quality is not perfect but were chosen for their rarity or interesting content. This was reviewed in 'Reg' and given a thumbs up. Hey Rog, email if you want a copy :) Rarities Volume 2 and the forthcoming Volume 3 continue this series. -TimV

Quality varies from song to song. Studio versions are perfect, while Comfortably Numb isn't that great. Good cd to get as too complete a collection of hard to find songs. -Matthew Shine

This is a great Roger Waters retrospective. One of the highlights in the live version of "The Gunners Dream" in which an angry Waters yells at the crowd twice to stop whistling. The track ends with a nice solo by Eric Clapton.

Some of the live tracks have poor quality, but are very listenable. I also like the original live version of "What God Wants Part 1." -KDS

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