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Format: CD
Catalog: RELICT 1
Misc.:<no info>
Produced:<no info>
Date: 67-71
Cover: Front: Same black and white Nick Mason drawing as the original Rolo. The letters 'Relics, Pink Floyd' are in purple. At the lower right corner it sais (again in purple letters) :'PLUS 8 BONUSTRACK'. Back: There are black decorations in each of the four corners connected with lines. Tracklist with letters in black and numbers in purple. Below the tracklist it sais: '1-11 are the original songs from the LP 'RELICS" 12-16 are from the "THE EARLY SINGLES" CD, only available with 8-CD Box Set 17-19 are from the soundtrack "ZABRISKIE POINT" This CD includes all official song releases of PINK FLOYD between 1967 - 1971, which are not vailable on any regular CD!' Insert: Photo of bare-chested Syd and a photo of the syd-less- band in a boat. CD: It's a brown colored picture CD. The picture is the Clay- face as was on the american rolo-sleeve. If you take out the black plate that acutaly holds the CD, you'll find the orginal american rolo-sleeve too. This time in full color.
Sources: 1967- 1970, ROLO's
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       1. Arnold Lane                         2:56
       2. Interstellar Overdrive              9:40
       3. See Emily Play                      2:55
       4. Remember A Day                      4:28
       5. Paintbox                            3:46
       6. Julia Dream                         2:33
       7. Careful with that Axe, Eugene       5:46
       8. Cirrus Minor                        5:13
       9. The Nile Song                       3:24
      10. Binding My time                     5:15
      11. Bike                                3:23
      12. Candy And A Currant Bun             2:46
      13. Scarecrow                           2:09
      14. Apples And Oranges                  3:05
      15. It Would Be so Nice                 3:44
      16. Point Me At The sky                 3:38
      17. Heart Beat, Pigmeat                 3:10
      18. Crumbling land                      4:13
      19. Come In Number 51, Your time Is Up  4:58
          Total                              77:04

      Syd Barrett
      Roger Waters
      David Gilmour
      Rick Wright
      Nick Mason

Xref: Relics Rolo, Shine On Set, Zabriskie Point rolo.
  • Sup -ANDRE
  • VG+ -PK
Comments: This is the next best thing to an official relics-release on CD. The great thing about this roio is the extra tracks and the long playing time, although there is not very much new here.

Some stuff is in mono, some in stereo. It funny though that Arnold Lane and Emily are the mono-version, as I'm sure the rolo had stereo versions.

The mastering was done very well. Obviously NOT from vinyl as I couldn't hear any pop or click. Some tracks do have a little bit of hiss though, but only at the very soft parts and if you listen with headphones on. -ANDRE

Ugh. This is pretty bad in my opinion, folks. I have to disagree with Andre and say that some of these tracks may be mastered from questionable sources. A few of the songs start a half a second late (Julia Dream for example), something that really annoys me. I used to own the official Australian release of this and it didn't do this.

On the bright side, the official CD remaster of Relics has just hit the stores in the UK and Europe. i would say save your money and buy those. The bonus tracks on this CD are pretty widely available elsewhere, so avoid this release. -PK

As Interstellar Overdrive is winding down the drum intro to The Gnome can be heard. This track has therefore been taken from PATGOD and not Relics. Presumably all the tracks here are taken from the regular CDs rather then Relics, and do not represent any remixes that might be present on the latter. -THE HEDONIST

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