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Format: CD
Catalog: PM 9007 Past Masters
Misc.: Limited edition of 2000 copies
Produced: 1990
Date: 721115
Cover: Front: Stageshot in brown-white with poor quality. It shows Roger singing and playing the bass on stage, with Dave in the background. A smoke "bomb" is in front of Roger. Inside: Some text describing PF and their situation in those days the recording was made, + 1 picture of Rick playing the organ and 1 picture of Dave (?) drumming (both mid-70:s). Back: Small photo from the Pompeji-Video: Roger and the gong.
Sources: 15 Nov 1972, Boeblingen
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      1. One Of These Days                           9:11
      2. Careful With That Axe, Eugene              14:09
      3. Echoes                                     26:30
                                       Total time:  49:45*

      Roger Waters*
      David Gilmour*
      Rick Wright*
      Nick Mason*

  • Ex- -HERWIG
  • Ex+ -BD (#24)
  • Ex- -MT
Comments: This seems to be hard to get, and that's a shame! The clear sound is only disturbed by some tape hiss. Very few crowd noise. "One Of These Days" is an absolute killer. The band was in a really fantastic mood this evening! For curiosity: "Echoes" is announced by Roger as: "Looking Through The Knotholes In Grannys Wooden Leg".

Recorded at Boblingen November 15th 1972, this reaches EX+ for sound tape source and packaging with notes on the show itself. This is a single CD (missing the Dark Side half of the show). -BD (#24)

I consider myself very lucky to have been able to get a copy of this one; I believe it may have been one of the first Floyd RoIOs to come out on CD. Other than some hiss (of the kind you stop noticing very quickly), the sound is very clear and full. All three tracks are good, but my favorite is CWTAE, with a first-rate 'mad Scotchman' act and some great screams by the inimitable Roger. My only quibble is how much more of the show they could've put on the disc, but better to leave off DSotM and keep these three tracks than the other way around... - MT

I picked this up for 14 and it was well worth it, even though there are only three songs on it. One of These Days is thunderingly good. Careful With That Axe Eugene far exceeds the studio version - Roger is ranting away into an echo-drenched microphone, and Echoes is pretty much flawless. there s no date given, but it doesn t have the echoes saxophone solo that was on the random precision roio, so it s presumably pre-Dark Side (?) There s a fade-out at the end of Eugene, before Echoes starts. It also says limited edition 2000 copies , but i wonder if this is true. DEFINITELY worth buying. - Seb.

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