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Format: CD
Catalog: BM 074 Beech Martin Records
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Produced: Made in Italy (p) 4/92
Date: 871107
Cover: Front: Mauve/pink mirror image of Roger with guitar. The words "ROGER WATERS & BLEEDING HEART BAND" in yellow at the top. Back: Black Background with white printing. The title at the top has "Recorded live at Colisseum, Quebec, May 22, 1987. Quebec,Canada" written below it (see later remarks regarding the date). The fourteen tracks are then listed, with songwriting credits and a colour Beech Marten logo at the bottom. Booklet: Single folded sheet with front picture, copy of the back and a red/black picture of Roger with an acoustic guitar inside. Disk: Black printing on a solid red background. Says "Made in Italy" on the disk.
Sources: 07 Nov 1987, Recorded Live at "Colisseum" Quebec Canada. Credited as: 22 May 1987 Recorded by Westwood One for radio transmission - this is an off-air recording.
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       1. Radio Waves                 5:50
       2. Welcome to the Machine      7:16
       3. Money                       5:14
       4. In the Flesh                3:39
       5. Have a Cigar                3:31
       6. Pigs                        3:50
       7. Wish You Were Here          5:02
       8. Mother                      7:26
       9. Final Cut                   3:34
      10. If                          4:00
      11. Powers That Be              4:00
      12. Brain Damage                3:37
      13. Eclipse                     6:51
      14. Another Brick in the Wall  10:15
          Total:                     74:05

      Not given on the label, but assumed to be the 1987 KAOS tour
      band as follows:

      Graham Broad            Drums
      Paul Carrack            Keyboards & Vocals
      Doreen Chanter          Vocals
      Mel Collins             Saxophones
      Andy Fairweather-Low    Guitars
      Katie Kissoon           Vocals
      Jay Stapley             Guitars
      Roger Waters            Bass And Vocals

  • Sup! -DAve
  • Ex+ -RUDI
  • 9.5/10 -PHIL
  • Sup+ -TOR
Comments: This is lifted from the Westwood One recording sessions, but, if memory serves me right, it has a couple of tunes not featured in the radio broadcast.

The sound quality on this is superb, though the labelling is off. "Brain Damage" is, in fact, "Breathe." The kicker is that:

Radio Waves In The Flesh Mother Final Cut Powers That Be

are credited as: "Written & Arranged by Waters/Wright (?!?) Gilmour/Mason," while all other tunes are credited solely as Waters compositions. -RUDI

This disc is really really really good. Sounds like a direct clone of a Westwood 1 master. I don't think you could get much better without patching it up (like the Wall '90 disc! ;-) )

Track listing fixes: 9. Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert Southampton Docks (Damn, I really like the Final Cut!) 12. Breathe 13. Brain Damage / Eclispe 14. Another Brick in the Wall (Part I) The Happiest Days of Our Lives Another Brick in the Wall (Part II) -DAve

TOR points out that the tour had not started by May 22nd of 1987 and the actual date of the performance was 7th November 1987.

This is an excellent quality roio. Listening via headphones reveals very slight tape hiss, but this is well suppressed and completely unobtrusive. Overall, there are no complaints about the quality at all and this roio is thoroughly recommended. -PHIL

An excellent quality recording, probably taken from the soundboard. The performance, too, is excellent. -ECM

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