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Format: CD
Catalog: CO 25195 Chapter One Digital Recordings
Misc.: AAD Stereo GEMA
Produced: 1992
Date: 661031
Cover: Early photograph of Pink Floyd with Syd Barrett in the studio
Sources: 31 Oct 1966, 1967 Studio/Live Tracks 1,2--First Pink Floyd - Studio - Session Track 3---Studio - Session October 31, 1966 Track 4---Live London May 12, 1967 Tracks 5,14-Studio Outtakes 1967 Tracks 6-9--BBC Session September 30, 1967 Tracks 10-13--BBC Session December 19, 1967
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       1. Lucy Leave                2:42
       2. I'm A Kingbee             2:57
       3. Interstellar Overdrive   16:46
       4. Astronomy Domine          3:51
       5. Experiment                1:25
       6. Flaming                   2:35
       7. The Gnome                 2:06
       8. Matilda Mother            3:17
       9. The Scarecrow             1:58
      10. Vegetable Man             3:12
      11. Pow R. Toc H.             2:53
      12. Scream Thy Last Scream    3:36
      13. Jugband Blues             3:47
      14. Silas Lane                1:13

      Syd Barrett
      Roger Waters 
      Rick Wright 
      Nick Mason

  • Tracks 1,2,5,14 -- Ex
  • Track 3 -- Sup
  • Track 4 -- Ex-/VG+
  • Tracks 6-13 -- VG-/G+
Comments: The first three songs are interesting; Interstellar Overdrive is the _Tonight Let's All Make Love In London_ version. But with "Flaming" the quality goes down rapidly, with lots of tape hiss and some distortion; there's also some static, like it was recorded off a radio that wasn't quite tuned in. It's really a pity, because "Vegetable Man" and "Scream Thy Last Scream" are better performances than on Early Singles (although Scream.." lacks the "chipmunk" voice). "Jugband Blues" has the brass band bit played on a kazoo, which makes it sound much better. If you can stand lots of static and hiss, or are willing to lop off the high end to get rid of it (even with Dolby and the treble knob turned all the way down it was still quite audible), it's an interesting roio; otherwise you should probably avoid it. --KNM

Lucy Leave (First Pink Floyd studio session circa 1966) I'm A Kingbee (first Pink Floyd studio session circa 1966)

There's been a lot of controversy about these first two tracks. Supposedly an acetate was discovered in late 1988 which had these two songs on it with the name "The Pink Floyd" handwritten on it. Some people swear it's not Floyd, others say it is. Either way they're on this CD in great sound quality. This version is better than the vinyl roio "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" from years ago which featured these tracks.

Interstellar Overdrive (French EP version)

This is the full version from the French EP (which was cut short for release). Good for a listen if you're an "IO" fan. Great sound quality.

Astronomy Domine' (live promo version)

This is taken right from the Roundhouse promo vid that has been in circulation among video traders. I believe that this is the first time it's available on CD, so some collectors may want to note that when thinking about picking this up.

Experiment (Outtake from Abbey Road Studios 1967)

This is one track that fans have been saying is/isn't Floyd for years. This version is a bit shorter than the "Sunshine" track on the Syd roio "Rhamadam". An interesting track supposedly from the "Piper" sessions.

The Gnome (BBC 1967) Mathilda Mother (BBC 1967) The Scarecrow (BBC 1967) Vegetable Man (BBC 1967) Pow R Toc H (BBC 1967) Scream Thy Last Scream (BBC 1967) Jugband Blues (BBC 1967) As you can see, these are all culled from the various BBC sessions the Floyd did for the BBC. These are here in really fine sound quality, and a nice way to pad out the disc. The only problem is that you can find every Floyd BBC track on "The Complete BBC Sessions" CD from Great Dane also in great sound quality. Either way, these tracks are a must for the early Floyd fans out there.

Silas Lane (Outtake with Floyd)

Those of you who have the "Opel" collection will recognize this track. This is the song which eventually became "Silas Lang", which Syd never released on his first two solo albums. An interesting track, but I like the finished track better than this one. Also, this one fades out early, unlike the longer version you can find on the "Vegetable Man" vinyl roio. -TIBIRD

The track titled 'Jugband Blues' dated back to early Dec.' 67, when it was recorded as a possible single. The free-form middle section of 'Jugband' was played by six members of the Salvation Army that Syd brought into the studio. They deserve particular credit since it is believed that the only direction they were given was to play 'what they wanted .' - SLW

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