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Format: CD
Catalog: Work 5527-2
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Produced: by Dick Adams, Assistant Engineer: Paul Rolf
Date: 711003
Cover: Cover depicts a woman body-painted in the colours of the background, which creates the illusion that she is partially transparent. She is leaning towards a rotting window frame. In the upper left corner it reads: "Pink Floyd" in red italics, in the upper right corner it reads: "Secrets" in bouncing, multi-colored letters.
Sources: 03 Oct 1971, Paris Theatre London
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      1.  Embryo                          10:06
      2.  Green is the Colour              3:44
      3.  Careful with that Axe, Eugene    7:23
      4.  Let there be More Light          3:43
      5.  Murderistic Woman                2:20
      6.  Point Me at the Sky              4:28
      7.  The Narrow Way                   4:18
      8.  Julia Dream                      2:25
      9.  A Saucerful of Secrets           6:42
      10. One of These Days                7:31
      11. Echoes                          21:57

      Roger Waters 
      Rick Wright 
      Nick Mason
      David Gilmour

Xref: Live Vol 1 - The Other Side of the Moon
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Comments: I think it's a new release. EXCELLENT-quality version of BBC Embryo... best I've EVER heard. Sounds like a commercial release, apart from a click or pop here and there (did they take it from LP? Hell, I don't care, sounds great). Early Floyd stuff (75 minutes of it), all very good to excellent quality. -ECHOES

The recording is clearly taken from an original vinyl recording, which is audible due to the hissing and occasional pops. The sound quality ranges from excellent to suberb, and is clearly not audience recordings. The version of Embryo is by far the best I've ever heard.

The cover states that it's from the Paris Theatre, London October 3. '71. But it clearly isn't a complete show, in fact the only live songs are The Embryo, GitC, Cwta,E, OotD, and Echoes. I suspect The Embryo + GitC/Cwta,E for being from the BBC show of 19 Jul 70 because of the echoes-like seagull part in the middle of Embryo. But as I'm not an experineced roio collector, I'm not sure. And I do not own any roio that contains the complete 19 Jul 70 BBC show.

What it can be identified by is that GitC is introduced with the words:

"These next two things, we're going to ehh, -, have already been, in fact recorded and you doubtless have the record already. They are Green is the colour and that's gonna be followed with Careful with that Axe, Eugene"

The rest of the non-live songs I suspect to be from the Top-Gear 14 Jan 69 recordings, as Point me at the Sky contains "so the man next to you can breathe in" instead of the ordinary line, as stated in the FAQ.

I have no Idea as to where OotD and Echoes are from. As Men At Work seemed to like to put BBC recordings on their albums, I thought them to be from the Peel 5 Oct 71 recording, but the track times makes that impossible, as the FAQ says the Echoes version from that date to last 28 min, and the one on Secrets only last 21:57 min.

The only flaw on the CD is in the beginning of OotD, where a lot of tuning / strumming instruments is heard, this is then abrubtly cut off (by the production, not the band), whereafter the ordinary wind sounds of OotD starts.

All in all, I'd deem it a very good buy, if not for anything else, then for the suberb version of Embryo, and the, in genreal, very good sound quality. -Mikkel

The recording of Let there be more light shows how "great" singers the guys are.

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