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Format: 2CDR
Catalog: Mad Monkey Music
Misc.:<no info>
Produced:<no info>
Date: 840619
Matrix: Disc: 1 CDR
Disc: 2 CDR
Cover: Front: Handdrawn replica of the 'Back Catalogue' poster
Sources: 19 Jun 1984, Rotterdam, Netherlands
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      Disc: 1
       1. Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun
       2. Money
       3. If
       4. Welcome to the Machine
       5. Have a Cigar
       6. Wish You Were Here
       7. Pigs on the Wing
       8. In the Flesh
       9. Nobody Home
      10. Hey You
      11. The Gunner's Dream

      Disc: 2
       1. Travelling Abroad
       2. Running Shoes
       3. Arabs with Knives
       4. For the First Time Today part 2
       5. Sexual Revolution
       6. The Remains of Our Love
       7. Go Fishing
       8. For the First Time Today part 1
       9. Dunroamin, Duncarin, Dunlivin
      10. The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking
      11. Every Stranger's Eyes
      12. The Moment of Clarity
      13. The Lunatic (Brain Damage)
      14. Eclipse

      Roger Waters

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  • Ex -TimV
Comments: Produced by Mad Monkey Music, Madrid, Spain. The artwork is very simplistic, but the sound quality is excellent. -TimV

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