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Format: CD
Catalog: BC 25 Black Cat Records
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Produced: (c) & (p) 1992 Black Cat Records, Product of Australia
Date: 770225
Cover: Another Black Cat 4-fold digi-pak (yuck!). I won't try to describe all the photos, but I'll just note that I think it very strange that although this is a WYWH concert, most of the photos are from various Wall concerts (and all taken from Miles)! Go figure!
Sources: 25 Feb 1977, Pavillion de Paris.
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      1.  Shine On You Crazy Diamond (pts 1-5)     12:43
      2.  Welcome To The Machine                    7:42
      3.  Have A Cigar                              5:09
      4.  Wish You Were Here                        6:04
      5.  Shine On You Crazy Diamond (pts 6-9)     17:37
      (all times from player)

      Roger Waters 
      Rick Wright 
      Nick Mason
      David Gilmour

Comments: Don't be confused by the title, this is not the boxed set! This is a WYWH concert in its entirety. Audience noise is minimal, mostly apparent when Gilmour let's loose with that guitar. There is an obvious fade/cut between each song that is a bit annoying, but overall a very enjoyable performance. I'd buy it (oh, I did). -jeff

I bought this one too, on the strength of a somewhat gushing brief review I read in Brain Damage magazine. In fact the sound is very shrill and not too pleasant to listen to, IMO. There are nicer versions of the live WYWH material available. -ANONYMOUS

The sound is not too good. However it is still listenable, and you can improve it greatly with an equalizer . Very good version of Have A Cigar and the version I prefer of SOYCD (6-9). -PATRICK

I'd just like to add that my CD sounds as if it were mastered fast. Very annoying, that is. There is hardly any crowd noise, and the band does great versions of the WYWH album, but it's too fast to really enjoy. The voices aren't affected too badly, but the instruments are. Especially 'Wish You Were Here' -ANON

I don't think that it was to fast recorded, because it would be more noticable on the voices than on the instruments. On the contrary I think they played some songs very fast this night, and I like it, especially on SOYCD 6-9 -PATRICK

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